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Theta Healing and Metaphysical Experiences
Please come and join us for an informal discussion of Theta healing over snacks. Almost all metaphysical experiences or experiences beyond our normal conception of physical reality are believed to occur in a Theta brainwave state and this state is also is where one has symbolic nightly dreams that access the unconscious mind. Simply writing down your dreams in a dream journal can be extremely beneficial to healing root patterns and resolving health issues in one's life, as seen in my published dream journal with the link below and be sure to read my updated authors description online: At this time the American Medical Association (AMA) states that 80% of health problems are stress related and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that 85% of all diseases have emotional roots. Processing trauma and emotions and returning repressed memories or lost soul parts are crucial for good health. This is akin to saying that 85% of diseases are created from your own consciousness and underlying subconsciousness memories you might not even be aware of that filter into your conscious awareness. Scientists state that Quantum Physics Theory proves consciousness creates your reality and, therefore, your subconscious repressed memories are extremely problematic when not addressed as these unknown memories create patterns of experience and expectation in your consciousness. Quantum physicists also state how consciousness can travel to other realms or realities, and this is especially true after the death of the physical body. Consciousness supersedes physical time and space so it is not just located in the body, it is far more complex. Quantum Theory completely supports the concepts of telekinesis, astral travel, paralell realities, reincarnation, psychic abilities, energy healing, near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences. "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." -Albert Einstein In Theta healing reality is an illusion because the body is compromised of energy that our consciousness controls instead of physical matter. The only reason you look the same every day is because you believe that is how you will look and you create that reality with your consciousness or, more likely, the unknown subconscious patterns that filter into your consciousness create your reality. In Theta healing all physical matter is an illusion and everything can change and be healed even if it seems medically impossible. At age 21 I was severely beaten by three men with bats in my college dorm room and my doctor said he had never seen anyone heal the way that I healed myself. My doctor told me that he would use my before and after photos as a medical school teaching tool for the rest of his life as an example of a miracle healing because I am so smart and look so good as if nothing like that ever happened to me. Scientific Paradigm Spiritual Paradigm Also, please see the links below for how to better your life with Most Benevolent Outcomes.

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Do you feel yourself changing? Are you becoming more interested in spiritual matters and the meaning of life? Do you have more of a desire to connect with others on a deeper level? Please come and join others like you in the area for free!

This group is to help you gain a better understanding of your greater path so you can heal your life of all discomfort. As the old proverb goes: rather than giving you a fish to feed you once, we will teach you how to fish so you are fed for a lifetime! Holistic healing addresses the needs of the whole person including spirituality, mind/emotions, and body. Holistic healing has many paths and we are here to assist you in finding the path that works best for you. Spirituality may be interpreted in various ways including: higher love, superconsciousness, energy (chi, ki, mana, and prana), metaphysical reality, Angels, God, and/or Divine Light.

We believe that there are no permanent conditions or situations and that holistic healing will enable you to break free of old patterns in relationships, career, and health to reach your fullest potential. As Dr. Bernie Siegle, MD, states in his book "Love, Medicine, and Miracles" there are no real 'incurable diseases' because someone somewhere has always cured themselves of each 'incurable disease' in ways that medical science cannot explain. Doctors end up calling these situations 'miracles' so that these types of healings are left out of traditional medical research and medical dialogue.

You are much greater than you may now realize and you have the ability to heal yourself!

Documentaries that can begin to enhance your perception of your fullest potential include "The Secret," "What the Bleep Do We Know," "Something Unknown is Doing We Don't Know What," and "The Living Matrix: A New Science of Healing." Feelings and emotions are important indicators of life satisfaction and wellbeing. Feelings are the connecting element between the physical and spiritual realms and guide us in the direction of wellness and health.

Soul/Spirit/Energy (highest realm - connecting all humanity as we are all energy)

Emotions/Feelings/Mind (middle realm - allows for some connection through intimacy)

Physical Body/Physiology (lowest realm - physical body creates illusion of separateness)

Holistic healing is a healing that occurs at a deep level, many times this type of healing comes from an understanding or change in meanings associated with ones life and path. The meanings one has for their life and experiences may be interpreted as spirituality. Healing that occurs in the spiritual dimension affects the mind and body. The narratives, words and meanings we tell ourselves about our experiences are greatly important to our health. Helping people connect with their authentic self, soul, or spirit is greatly beneficial to getting to the core of life situations so that a harmonization of meanings for life is natural. In healing yourself you also heal those around you and your community as we are all connected through energy!

In having a Ph.D. in Medical and Family Sociology I realize there is great need to better understand how to fully heal individuals. Much of the philosophies of ancient and Eastern healing can be used to better inform current medical practices. The holistic practices I specialize in are shamanic journeying, hypnotherapy/soul regression, energy medicine, and sound healing. After having a very holistic home water birth with my son I have expanded my healings activities to include helping infants and children through the holistic practices of energy medicine and sound healing.

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