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What is an introvert? Simply put, an introvert is someone who feels more energized after spending time alone rather than being around other people. This can range from the quiet person you see in a coffee shop that are always nose deep in a book to the life of the party that needs their alone time to recharge. Generally speaking, introverts are more drawn to quieter, more relaxed atmospheres, smaller groups of people, and meaningful conversations. That’s what this meetup is all about.

That said, everyone is welcome to join this group and if you see an event you like, sign up!

On a housekeeping note, please know that the focus of this group is not on dating. Please don't scroll through the members list sending random messages to people.

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Board Games @ Fox Brewing

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WE HAVE RETURNED!!! It has been a long and unpleasant year but the open board game group is back! Unfortunately, we still have the ever present threat of Covid 19 hanging over our heads. To that end, we will be requiring proof of vaccination for those participating. I will need to see a vaccination card with your name on it, no other information on the card will be required. A pic of the vaccination card on your phone will also suffice. I will be keeping a list, so you will only have to provide this once. Sanitizer will also be provided.

I hate to have to ask for proof of vaccination but it is the only way I can guarantee an acceptable threshold of safety for all who participate. The only other option is to wait till herd immunity is reached this Fall or perhaps next year.

This boardgame group meets on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. Open to newcomers and regulars alike, we strive to offer a fun, welcoming and inclusive gaming environment. Board games have come a long way since Risk, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit. Modern games come in all sorts of different flavors and I try to bring something for everyone. Below is a list of some games that are popular in our group: Space Base, Wingspan, Canvas, Altiplano,Azul, Photosynthesis , Tortuga 1667, Betrayal at House on The Hill, Ticket to Ride, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Element, The Grizzled, Sagrada, Guillotine, Burgle Brothers, Imhotep and many more...

Don’t recognize any of them? Not to worry, almost all of the games we play can be taught in 5-10 minutes and usually take an hour or less to play. Of course, you are always welcome to bring your favorite games too! We will be meeting upstairs in their event room.

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Board Games @ Fox Brewing

Needs a location

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