What we're about

The purpose of this meetup is to merge interested investors with projects involving social work/social services. This meetup offers the platform for social workers to receive hands on resources and skills to open start-ups, lobby for changes, develop programs and create housing initiatives.

Further, this platform allows potential funders the opportunity to invest in projects and initiatives that are unique and special to them. Many times, investors want their financial resources to benefit the human family, but it can be difficult to navigate a complicated network of systems and bureaucracy.

Therefore, let's merge the two concepts of social services and investments to create a dynamic relationship built on the advancement of those most vulnerable.

Hands on resources to open halfway houses, Oxford Houses, substance abuse treatment facilities, mental health programs.

Social-Invest will work with your team to strategize a winning business plan, financial resource sheet and outreach plan for optimal success.

Network with like-minded individuals interested in creating fundamental resources for individuals impacted by domestic violence, poverty, incarceration, substance abuse, homelessness and food depravity.

All skill levels, new concepts and innovative ideas are WELCOMED!

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