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What we’re about

Social Media is a powerful tool for entities to inform the public, gain new customers, keep current ones happy, and create jobs in their community.

But most of us don't know how to leverage it's full potential. We get overwhelmed by all the different networks out there and we're not sure where to start or what our goals should be. We worry about getting started too late or spending money on something that doesn't work. And since social media is so personal, many people feel like they need training before they can even attempt using it effectively in their business (or worse - they try without any help at all).

Our mission is simple; help you achieve your goals with social media! The best part? You'll learn from other local businesses doing exactly what you want to do and will learn from each others' mistakes as well as successes! It's easy, fun, and free! Join us every month for a lively discussion about the latest trends