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Bridging Qualitative and Quantitative Data

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Tasked with Bridging Qualitative and Quantitative Data, architects are increasingly grappling with how to integrate both data sources in the design and optimisation of their work. These measures have ranged from financial to ecological, and now social and human environmental factors are of growing concern in the built environment. This development will move quickly and be led by data.

But where is the data? Where do new data sets come from, who owns them, who operates them, and how can they be used to design and measure buildings differently? Finally, what are the tools we can use to manipulate these data for design optimization purposes, and what are the benefits and risks of using this data from a legal or moral perspective?

This session will explore these questions and more. Our expert panelists - hailing from a quantitative background, and a qualitative perspective will discuss why their approach is so crucial to design success.


Daniel Davis is Director of Research at WeWork. Based out of New York, Daniel leads a team of researchers investigating how architecture impacts people. The team's work combines data science and social science to better understand how spaces can be designed to enhance people’s happiness, productivity, and connection to their community.

Nitzan Hermon is researcher of AI, augmentation and language. His background is in design, traditionally as a mix of communication and technology. He worked in–house for media companies in London and New York, before starting his own practice and joining NEW INC–the New Museum incubator for arts and technology– as an inaugural member.

Sarah Williams is currently an Associate Professor of Technology and Urban Planning. She also is Director of the Civic Data Design Lab at MIT's School of Architecture and Planning.

Shin-pei Tsay’s diverse experience in practice, design, and policy converges on transforming the built environment so that it is more accessible, equitable, and sustainable. Prior to joining Gehl Institute in July 2016, Shin-pei was the Deputy Executive Director of TransitCenter.

Melissa Marsh, Founder & Executive Director, PLASTARC and Senior Managing Director, Savills Studley (
Melissa Marsh is Founder and Executive Director of PLASTARC (, a social research, workplace innovation, and real estate strategy firm dedicated to shifting the metrics associated with workplace from 'square feet and inches' to 'occupant satisfaction and performance.' Melissa also leads the Occupant Experience discipline at Savills Studley ( With an undergraduate degree in social science and a Master of Architecture from MIT, Melissa is an active contributor to professional and research communities associated with the human factors and the built environment, including Worktech, AIA, CoreNet, IFMA, and EDRA.

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