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Social Skills Training - Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

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Mental Training

Eroilor, 22, et.2 · Cluj-Napoca

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You can call: 0749654062

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Socialization group for practicing conversational techniques, assertive communication, leadership and relationship.

A meeting lasts two hours.

The maximum number of people that can participate in training is 8. If more people sign up, I will organize more groups.

To confirm your participation is required to pay the 15 euros fee before the meetup.

Emotional Intelligence

The term “emotional intelligence” has now reigned for 20 years. Daniel Goleman’s 1995 book of the same name popularized the idea that the capacity to understand and wield emotional information is a crucial skill.

Part of that is expressing emotions, be it through writing, body language, or talking with other people, and researchers are finding that unlatching the cage and letting those emotional birds fly free could have some real health benefits. Some studies have linked the repression of negative emotions to increased stress, and research suggests that writing about feelings is associated with better health outcomes.

And in a study of people who lived to be 100 years old, emotional expression was found to be a common trait, along with a positive attitude towards life, among the long-lived.

So expressing emotions, on the whole, seems to be good for you. But if you’re someone who is used to holding them in, that could be easier said than done. And the solution is not necessarily to just pop the top off that champagne bottle of emotions and watch them spray all over the place. You might not even know what’s in there!

The purpose of this training is to learn and practice social skills in a group.

If you want to develop your soft skills, this group is the perfect opportunity.

I will offer a refund if:

1. The meetup is canceled

2. I am announced at least 24 hours before the meeting that a registered person can not attend

Returnarea banilor:

Voi returna banii daca:

1. Intalnirea este anulata.

2. Daca sunt anuntat cu cel putin 24 de ore inainte de persoana inscrisa ca nu poate participa la intalnire.