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Los Altos Hills Pathways Run
What: 17th Annual Pathways Run/Walk Complete Info and registration When: Saturday, May 15, 2018 Where: Westwind Community Barn, 27210 Altamont Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022 Start Times: 5K/10K – 9:00 am 1 Mile – 10:30 am Awards Ceremony: 10:15 AM Fees: Subject to Change – On-line registration registration recommended 5K/10K – $45 1 Mile – $35 SPECIAL FOR MEETUP runners: Use the discount promo code "homerun" to get $10 off the 5K /10K events! Race Day Registration – add $5 ( while supplies last) Pre race day Packet Pickup or last minute registration: We encourage everyone who has pre-registered to come by LAH town on Friday, May 12th between 3 PM and 7 PM to pick up their race packet (shirt, bib numbers, pins, race information) so you don’t have to pick it up race day. We can also register you for the event Friday afternoon at town hall and give your packet immediately without the $5 race day additional fee. Awards: Top finishers for each age group and finishers medal while supplies last for kids under 16 for all events (5K, 10K and 1 M). This year we are planning to use chip timing and results. We will be using “gun Time” as our method for determining race awards. Awards ceremony will be held at 10:15 so there may be some 10K finishers who will still get awards after the ceremony. Results information will be available on-line at the race and on-line later for results too. T-Shirts: Made in the USA Pathways Run/Walk t-shirts are included in the registrations fee. This year we are limiting the initial registrations to 600 people. PLEASE PRE-REGISTER! Late registration and Race Day registration may have limited or no shirt options available. For registration, volunteering, race courses, contact and map information please visit the corresponding tabs. Parking: Parking is limited near Westwind barn so please try to carpool and arrive at least 30-45 minutes prior to the 9 AM start to allow for time for parking and walking to the race start area and picking up your registration materials. The 5K and 10K races will start promptly at 9 AM. It is encourage to pre-register to save time at race day and save the $5 additional race day fee. Last minute in person Registration: – Friday (May 12th) 3-7 PM registration options available at LAH Town Hall Parks/Rec Build, 26379 Fremont Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022 to register and pick up your packet and pre-reg pickup. Dogs: Dogs are allowed at the race, but highly discouraged since parts of the running trails are single track, and passing a runner holding a dog on a leash is difficult on a narrow trail. Fun: There will be free food, music, and local vendors to entertain you before and during the races. Usually we have local massage and exercise specialists on hand to answer running related questions. Food and water: There will be lots of free food and drinks for runners and families and friends attending the event. Water stops: There will be 3 water stops total, 2 for 5K runners and 3 for 10K runners/walkers and 1 stop for 1 M runners. There will be water at the start and finish line as well.

Westwind Community Barn

27210 Altamont Rd. · Los Altos Hills, CA

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    This meetup offers two meetup activities, each of which I enjoy greatly and look forward to sharing time outdoors with others who come to these meetup events.

    The first is organizing these non-competitive social triathlons described below. A second activity is organizing longer trail runs in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

    Social Triathlons!

    After doing a few competitive triathlons myself, a friend gave me the idea to create my own friends based, non competitive, "social" triathlon events.

    Unlike regular competitive tri events that are:
    (1) Too expensive!
    (2) Always start at too early of hours in the morning!
    (3) Difficult to make new friends when everyone is trying to be competitive and get their best time and little time to connect!
    (4) Can be overwhelming for many to even participate since most persons feel they aren't good enough athletes to even try and a support network is needed to get you started!

    I decided to create the "Tri-With-Scott" group to have triathlons that are great exercise, fun and social and almost zero cost (the cost of the public pool entry). Since the group was formed about 3 years ago, we have done over 40 tri-with-scott "social triathlons" that are:

    Non Competitive.. we all swim for about 20-40 minutes in a local pool, get out and shower, bike together for 5-8 miles, then lock our bikes and run 3-5 miles, and bike back 5-8 miles and then all go out for coffee and conversation after wards!

    Social - The goal of the group is to stick together.. there are no winners in our events, only fun and friendships

    Fun - Fairly obvious

    Supportive - We will help get new triathletes who have never done a tri before or even considered one started into the fun world of swimming, biking and running..

    The group has also organized 3 annual Sierra social triathlons at Pinecrest with an open water swim and also organized other individual trail runs, swims and bike rides.

    If you have a swim suit and goggles, a bike with some inflated tires and a pair of running shoes and looking for a fun time exercising with friends in a fun, social, non competitive environment, this is for you!

    Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Runs

    In addition to organizing triathlon events, I am interested in organizing longer 6+ miles) trail runs in the Santa Cruz Mountains. There is a unlimited set of wonderful running trails in the Pennisula and South bay/ Santa Cruz Mountains. If you are interested in trail running, please sign up even if you are not interested in the Triathlon events.

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