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坊間打羽毛球的群組其實不少, 然而歡迎新手, 撲蝶級或沒受過專門訓練的球友的群組其實不多。所以這群組主要的對象就是這些球友, 讓不同水平的球友在輕鬆,友善的環境下, 開心地享受打羽毛球的樂趣, 運動一下身體和認識不同的新朋友。太介懷輸贏,或是包容不了隊友犯錯的球友, 我肯定有其他群組會更適合你。

如果你不介意幫忙訂政府或私人會所的羽毛球場地, 本群組十分歡迎, 請聯絡我看看我們能如何合作。

This is a group for anyone interested in playing badminton and meeting new friends in Hong Kong. Beginner and intermediate level players are welcome. Just to highlight that this group is intended for social networking and having fun while playing badminton, so if you're a very serious badminton players this may not be a right group for you.

It's much appreciated if you can assist with booking government venue or private clubhouse facility, please let me know and we'll work something out.

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