What we're about

This group is for all experience levels wishing to explore the leading edge of next generation learning methods and technologies. Whether your focus is Corporate/Professional training or K12/Higher Ed, this group provides a podium to share needs, ideas, and experiences from the three perspectives: Trainer, Content/Tech Developer, and the Learner.

Trainers, the subject matter experts, human resources, line of business execs, training consultants have very practical experience with Governance, Compliance, on-boarding, marketing, and professional development training needs and concerns to explore.

Content/Tool Developers include instructional designers, publishing production experts, technicians, and especially programming experts in HTML5, javascript, CSS, ePub, will all help drive the evolving solutions forward to meet training needs.

Learners (and their tutors/mentors - since we are developing social elearning methodologies) have a critical voice to be heard because are actually using the new technologies and can share first hand experience on quality, effectiveness, and desired capabilities.

Our Social Mission As momentum builds behind mobile and social learning (proven examples - Experiential Learning, Mooc, Khan Acadamy, Flipped Classroom, Analytics, Lynda.com, and many local High Schools and Middle Schools transitioning to digital) let's gather Orlando's tremendous talent in animation, simulations, educational gaming, textbook publishing, video, web and app development, and focus on expanding the learning potential of our professionals and students.

The transition to digital learning is underway but the content is far from its potential. Mobile learning on tablets, smartphones or desktops should be engaging, immersive, and much more effective than traditional print or learning management solutions allow. Join us in this mission to help people learn, discover new talents, and become innovative thinkers and future leaders. We are in the process of arranging for meeting space with UCF. Stay tuned.

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