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Do you want a great social life and to be connected with people that you click with?

I'm Gail Didier and I help women to get their ideal social life. I am using Meet Up for my business as a platform to reach women who want to improve their social lives and make new friends.

Each event is specifically for connecting you with people that you click with so you get the chance to make long term friendships. You'll also have a number of events to choose from to keep you very socially active:p:)

All events are prepaid to avoid "no shows" on the day/night, and I try to keep the event prices as reasonable as possible.

If you’re still not sure whether this is the group for you then see if any of these apply to you:

• The thought of turning up to an event where you do not know anyone is nearly as bad as the thought of a visit to the dentist

• You want to go out for a vino or dinner but your friends are all busy with boyfriends, hubbies or bubbies

• You’re into any or all of the following: wining, dining, coffee’ing, brunching, lunching, movie’ing, holidaying, basically anything that entails you leaving the house

• You want new friends in Auckland because your old friends are in [fill in where your old friends are]

• You’ve had enough of spending all week with work people and then having to hang out with them at the weekend too. You’d like to trade them in for some new weekend friends

• You want to do high tea at a fancy hotel but your friends want to do normal tea at someone’s house

• You’d like staying home on a Friday night to be a choice as opposed to your only option.

If any of these do apply to you then Social with a Twist is ideal for you:)

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Dinner with a Twist

Needs a location

Hi ladies,

This is a regular event which is a good one for newbies to easily meet new people and regulars to catch up with their Social with a Twist friends and make new ones :)

The event starts 6:30pm but you'll have the option to meet up earlier.

Event fee is $17 and includes:

Extended happy hour $6 house wine and beer. 20% discount on your meal ( and dessert if if you're keen for a sweet treat) 20% discount on all other drinks.

I will also co-ordinate tables so you'll be with women in similar age group (20s & 30s, 30s & 40s or 45+). You'll be pre-connected via Messenger with the women that will be on your table, so you'll be able to e-chat before meeting in person:)

The price in brackets is your 20% discounted rate.

B R I S K E T B U R G E R | 2 6 ( 2 0 . 6 )
cabbage slaw, pickles, smoked aioli, shoestring fries

capers, herbs, anchovy aioli | 32 (25.6)

new potatoes, garlic & parsley butter, pearl onions

MARKET FISH GFF | 32 (25.6)
t o m a t o & p a p r i k a b u t t e r , b r o c c o l i n i , b a s i l

tofu, caraway, macadamia

Menu items may change, but you will be notified before the event.

The non-refundable $17 event fee is due when you RSVP, I will send payment details to you.

Pop your RSVP through if you're keen for dinner with the girls:)


DISCLAIMER AND TERMS FOR ATTENDING SOCIAL WITH A TWIST EVENTS Please click for full details https://socialwithatwist.com/disclaimer/


I organise numerous events as part of my business to connect women and I use Meetup as my RSVP platform. Event fees are non-refundable unless otherwise stated http://www.socialwithatwist.com

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