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What would your life look like if you could talk to anyone?

Picture yourself being able to have conversations with anyone you meet going about your day.

On the tube, at the gym or when walking down the street...

How different would your life be?

How would you feel about yourself?

Having the ability to connect with anyone is a real superpower.

A superpower that can be taught.

It gives you the feeling to always be surrounded by friends - and does wonders to your self-esteem.

Yet very few know how to do it.

Until now...

The purpose of my coaching is to give you the tools and confidence you need to transform the way you interact with others today.

To show you how to talk and create meaningful relationships with anyone - wherever you might find yourself.

Through my coaching you'll learn how to...

Initiate conversations with complete strangers - in any situation.

Become excited about socialising and meeting new people.

Have deep and meaningful conversations with anyone - even though you just met them!

Stop worrying about what other people think of you - and put an end to social awkwardness forever.

So don't waste another day thinking about what could have been and who you could have become.

Sign up for a free intro session today and start your journey towards true freedom, lasting self-esteem and transform your social life forever!

Hope to see you real soon,



Coaching Testimonials:

“It’s remarkable how natural Robin is with people and how he puts you at ease as he’s coaching you. I was struck by how he was able to interact with complete strangers and he also showed me that there’s definetly another way of doing this that made it seem possible for me to achieve too.”

Jeremie, CTO & Start-up Co-founder, London

Robin has a very relaxed energy which made me feel very comfortable to be around and this was evident in how he approached and engaged in conversation with others too. Under his guidance I was able to overcome my nerves, approach different types of people and engage them in conversation which made me really proud of myself. I also felt such a high afterward! I highly recommend meeting Robin and doing a session with him – you won’t regret it.

Marie, Teacher, London

“We walked and talked during the coaching session and towards the end we even approached some strangers to make conversation. I was impressed as Robin got the number of the first girl he spoke with. Overall it was an eye opening afternoon and Robin made me feel motivated to make more of an effort to take control of my social life.”

Simon, London

“Meeting Robin for a coaching session was very eye-opening. He pointed out a couple of things that would contribute to me becoming more confident and just being around Robin you’re able to absorb his natural calm and feel more relaxed and confident yourself. I will definitely work with him in the near future.”

Taran, Language Instructor, London

“... I found Robins’ patience, calm, composure and presence very inspirational, motivating and would recommend him to both guys and girls who’d want to improve their social skills.”

Ben, Technical Risk Analyst, London

"Meeting with Robin has helped me gather enough confidence to start interacting with people I wouldn't normally interact with. His own experience and examples of positive interactions with strangers made me acknowledge that stepping out of my comfort zone is not only beneficial for myself, but for others too."

Konstantin, Robotics Engineer, London

“The session I had with Robin was very useful as he gave me some advice that helped boost my confidence when interacting with people both professionally and outside work. Robin came across as someone very professional and pleasant to work with and I would highly recommend him to everyone who’d like to be more confident in social situations.”

Aaron, Marketing Executive, London

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Conquer Your Fears & Talk To Anyone - 100% FREE Coaching Hour!

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ FULL EVENT DESCRIPTION BEFORE SIGNING UP AND BE AWARE THAT THESE SESSIONS ARE VERY LIMITED AND WILL BE OFFERED ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS. Why do people hire personal trainers? Is it because … … it’s impossible to find workout tips online? Even though[masked] hits with a simple Google search says otherwise. … there are no gyms close to where you live? I honestly think I can go to my local gym, pick up a stone and throw it at another gym. … there are no fitness classes that suits your style of training? This is London. Disco yoga, circus workouts and military fitness classes are the norm here. So, what is it that a personal trainer offers you that you can’t do by yourself… and why am I ranting about this in a group dedicated to developing your people skills and confidence? Well... because everything a personal trainer offers you to get in shape, also applies to the process of building social muscles. Things like accountability, knowledge, support and motivation - all tailored to fit your personal needs. Be honest now… you can talk about going out and talking to new people all you want but if no one's there to hold you accountable, to push you when needed and to empathize with you when things are not going too well… it will be a lot easier coming up with an excuse to why you should stay at home, smash a bag of crisps and binge whatever’s new on Netflix. Trust me when I say that I’ve been through this myself... and would have given anything to have had someone by my side on my journey. Someone who’s been through the process themselves and have a first hand experience of what it’s like to go out on their own as a nervous beginner, with a pounding heart and sweaty hands and strike up conversations with complete strangers… only to emerge as a completely new person on the other side. That’s essentially the reason why I got into coaching in the first place... ...to give you the motivation and support you need to get yourself out of the house, meet new people, boost your confidence and transform your social life. To make a REAL CHANGE. Still reading? Great! Please let me tell you how this program works. First you sign up for the event here on Meetup. Easy! You’ll then receive a link for you to book a COMPLETELY FREE 60-minute 1-on-1 coaching slot that fits your busy schedule. YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE AND THE TIME OF YOUR SESSION BY USING THE LINK SENT TO YOU. On the day of your coaching session, we'll meet up at a central location in London. We'll start off with a short introduction about where you're at today, what you feel like you want to improve when it comes to developing your confidence and connecting with new people and then... we'll hit the streets and maybe strike up a conversation or two with a few strangers. During the session I might challenge you a little bit by giving you a couple of small social exercises for you to execute AND... ... to assure you that I actually practice what I preach, I’ll demonstrate the exercises myself by walking up to a complete stranger and showing you how I would do it. Sounds a bit scary… I know. But don’t worry. We’ll start out easy and slowly work our way up to the harder stuff depending on your own level of comfort. Still interested? Feeling excited? Perfect! After we've completed the session we'll do a short recap of what we've talked about and also see what actions you can make right now to start building the social life and confidence you've always wanted. So, now when you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this wall of text I want you to ask yourself one thing… What would my life look like if I could talk to anyone? This is your chance to find out... if you have the guts. See you real soon, Robin PS. All available slots will be given on a first come first serve basis so sign up right now if you don't want to miss out!

The Best Investment You'll Ever make

WeWork Aviation House

What does freedom mean to you? Having the freedom to travel when you feel like it, to choose the people you spend time with or to do the things that you really want to do? I know what you’re thinking... Sounds like another one of those get rich quick schemes telling you to pour all of your hard earned cash in to some up and coming “find-the-closest-artisan-beer-app”, hoping you’ll get lucky and make a billion dollars when Google acquires it. But no... This is not going to be an event about luck or about taking risks. It’s going to be about building the right habits and putting in the work in the areas of your life where it will matters the most. To invest in yourself. Because no matter how you choose to put it, the most important thing in your life… is you. During the evening which will be hosted at the amazingly hip and trendy WeWork Aviation House in Covent Garden you’ll learn exactly what you need today to be able to take action in the areas that will have the most impact on your future. Today! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18:30 Welcome drinks & introductions 19:00 How passive income works/What is a passive income 19:20 Q&A 19:30 How to become fearless and take full control of your life 19:40 Q&A 20:15 Game show quiz and prizes 20:30 Networking and more drinks! 21:00 Farewell ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taking full control and living the life you choose will be the main theme of the evening and hopefully you’ll not only walk away with the motivation to immediately take action and make a change in your life but… you’ll also have met a bunch of other cool people who are willing to join you on that journey as well. After the presentations we’ll all spend some time together and you’ll get a chance to grab a free beer, mingle and network with both the speakers and everyone else who attends the event. (FREE BEER?! Yes, there will be free beer and other drinks for everyone who attends.) Every great journey starts with a single step (or a couple of wobbly ones if you’ve had a few too many…) and the goal of this evening is to give you everything you need to be able to take your first one. Most people wish that they were able to live life on their terms. That they were in control. And if this sounds like someone you know… then what are you doing?! Sign up right now to not miss out on this opportunity! (Seriously… the beer is free so it’s kind of a no-brainer, don’t you think?) Looking forward to seeing you all on the 29th of October. Featured Speakers: Stephane Perrin - Co-founder & CBDO of Automata. Automata is a fintech company/startup specialised in financial services for the mass market, start at 1£. Automated investment, exchange in many currency crypto included, cashback with IA. Our strength is to manage automatically your money, make it work for yourself for once and available at any time. Robin Sundström - People Skills & Confidence Coach and Public Speaker Robin focuses his coaching on helping people build a stronger core confidence, connecting with the people around you and becoming fearless in social situations. Having the ability to talk to anyone is the greatest superpower you could ever have and Robin will show you not only what’s possible in terms of building relationships and connecting with people but also convince you that being able to talk to anyone is a skill you can learn too.

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