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SOCIAL FIT HUB'S MISSION: is to empower people to pursue, attain and maintain individual fitness goals through a variety of activities in a fun, friendly and social environment; while becoming more spiritual.

Would you like to make 2018 the healthiest and most enjoyable year yet?

IMAGINE: Becoming fit in a friendly non-intimidating environment which includes getting healthier and meeting like minded individuals at the same time! ‎ This group will include a diverse range of fitness activities, healthy eating outings and even nutritional cooking classes! You will definitely meet some cool new acquaintances - many of whom may become good friends!

WHO is SocialFitHub for? OPEN TO BEGINNER THROUGH TO INTERMEDIATE FITNESS LEVELS - From sedentary coach potato to intermediate fitness level; each event will be marked with the recommended fitness level.

WHERE will we meet? What geographic areas or neighborhoods will we cover? We are starting in the High Park, Etobicoke and Parkdale areas of West Toronto, BUT PLEASE JOIN REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOU ARE FROM, AS WE INTEND TO EXPAND TO YOUR LOCAL NEIGHBORHOOD AND YOU CAN (optionally) HELP US DO SO, BY PROMOTING OUR GROUP TO YOUR CENTERS OF INFLUENCE, SOCIAL MEDIA OR EVEN POSTING FLYERS IF YOU LIKE.

WHAT if you are an expert level trainer? Then you are invited to please email your resume and credentials for consideration to socialfithub@gmail.com.


The 8 main pillars of our community are:

1. EXERCISE - With a wide variety of options both outdoors and indoors.

2. HEALTHY EATING / NUTRITION- Including healthy dining out and nutritional cooking classes.

3. FRIENDSHIP - Making new acquaintances who can turn into real friends.

4. FUN - We always aim to have fun in a non-judgmental/ non-intimidating environment.

5. RECIPROCITY – We seek to build a community of reciprocity, where synergy of strengths and resources allows us to inspire each other, help each other and truly CARE about each other, strengthen ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually!

6. ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS - Tried "dieting" before and failed? Perhaps you didn't have someone to help keep you accountable to a whole lifestyle change - at Social Fit Hub we help foster accountability partners and friendships - so you have fun while you make progress!

7. PARTICIPATE - You will get out what you put into this community! If you want regular local events in your neighborhood - then help us grow and become "hyper local" to where you live...A little bit of effort and you can help make that happen over time! Offer to be someone's accountability partner and the rewards you get in return for yourself can be huge!

8. SAVING YOU TIME AND MONEY - You will have the opportunity to attend both free events and low cost events where you can meet various fitness, health and cooking experts and/or dine at some of the healthier restaurants, on a budget. As we grow, you will eventually be able to meet various types of local trainers who resonate with you - right in your neighborhood - saving you precious time and travel costs. You may want to have one on one coaching or group sessions with this trainer. When your fitness events are local and convenient it can accelerate your results!

The legal stuff:

Terms and conditions, as per below.

I declare that I wish to participate in SocialFitHub Outing or Events (known as "Activities" here forward) and that I may do so only upon the following conditions and electronic agreement.

The Activities officially begin and end at the location(s) designated by The Organization. The Activities do not include carpooling, transportation, or transit to and from the Activities, and I am personally responsible for all risks associated with this travel. If I decide to leave early and not complete the Activities as planned, or if the organizer has concluded the Activities, and I decide to go forward without the organizer, I understand that I do so at my own risk. The risks described above are inherent in the Activities and cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of the Activities. Other risks will be encountered, inherent and otherwise. If I am accompanied by an animal, I agree to be responsible for the conduct of that animal.

Social Fit Hub, reserves the right to revoke the membership of any member, without refund of dues, event dues, subscriptions and with or without cause, including for behavior deemed inappropriate or unsafe. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to refusal to follow directions of organizers during events; hostile, rude, harassing and other unwelcome or otherwise inappropriate treatment of a fellow member; failure to follow safety guidelines established by the organization; failure to comply with local, provincial, or federal regulations while engaged in Social Fit Hub activities. No guns, knives or other weapons are allowed on Outings.

1. I hereby REPRESENT and WARRANT to Social Fit Hub, The Organizer(s) and/or Instructor(s), the Venue, the class, and The Facility, any equipment supplied by myself or by SocialFitHub, that I am physically capable of participating in Activities without injury, that I have had a recent medical examination within the recommended time limit for my age group, and that I am not aware of any physical illness or condition that could increase my risk of injury during such participation.

2. I recognize that there are risks of injury associated with participation in Activities for individuals who are of an age or physical condition that make illness, injury or death as a result of participation more likely.

3. I am aware of the risks inherent in any group fitness exercise program Activities, including but not limited to severe personal injury and death. I understand that through my participation in Activity I am subject to possible injury and death, and also understand that by my participation, I accept the risk of possible injury and death. I know that it is my responsibility to ensure my own safety.

4. I take full responsibility for my own health and safety in participating in the fitness Activities and to the extent I deem advisable, will consult a physician before participating in any of the activities. I agree to pay all reasonable costs related to the classes, including any medical costs I incur.

5. In order to participate in any SocialFitHub event, I hereby WAIVE AND RELEASE Social Fit Hub, Organizer(s) and/or The Instructor(s), The Venue, the class and The Facility. any equipment supplied by myself or by SocialFitHub, from any and all claims, costs, liabilities, expenses or judgments, including but not limited to attorney's fees and court costs (collectively "Claims") arising out of my participation in Activities and use of The Facility for Activities. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Social Fit Hub, The Organizer(s) and or Instructor(s), the Class, and any other SocialFitHub community members I may meet, The Venue and The Facility from and against any and all such Claims.

6. I hereby voluntarily execute and deliver this WAIVER AND RELEASE so that I may participate in Activities at The Facility or The Venue. I understand that there are risks of injury involved in participating in aerobic or non acerbic exercise and I voluntarily assume such risks.

7. By joining the Social Fit Hub meetup and answering question number 5 with “YES” or “yes” or “Y” or “y”; I agree that I have been informed through reading the above wavier in the about us section on the social media platform of Meetup.com with the URL's of http://www.meetup.com/socialfithub “About us” informational tab and/ or the page of http://www.meetup.com/socialfithub/about/ that I should not participate in any activity if I have any doubt or if I am uncertain as to my current medical condition. I hereby certify again that I am at least 18 years of age. I have carefully read with a full, definite and clear understanding the foregoing provisions and freely enter into the Electronic Agreement of the Waiver and Indemnification page.

Other: For no additional consideration, I hereby grant to the Social Fit Hub the unlimited right to obtain, use and publish all images of me created by the Social Fit Hub, me, or others in the course of an activity of the Social Fit Hub.

Any suit brought by or on behalf of a participant must be brought in Toronto Ontario, Canada and will be governed by Ontario law; not including such laws as may apply the laws of another province.

This Electronic Agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by law. It remains in effect with respect to enrollment or participation in Social Fit Hub activities and any outings including dining or cooking classes, until expressly replaced or revoked. New such Electronic Agreements may be required from time to time pertaining to subsequent enrollments and participation. If any provision or any part of any provision of this Electronic Agreement is held to be invalid or legally unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of this Electronic Agreement shall not be affected thereby and shall remain valid and fully enforceable.

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