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Welcome to Social Fun. A fun + friendly group. Ages range 21 to 59+. A diverse group of singles, couples, married + divorced members enjoying local social activities: dining, movies, parties, wine tasting, hikes, walks, outdoors, Music, Art, Culture, social networking, etc. Enjoying the good life in the New England and Boston Areas.

With 12,000 members we’re the biggest Boston Social Meetup that still maintains a friendly close knit family feel since there are 90+ Organizers running 60+ local monthly events. Average event size is 20 members providing a pleasant real life experience to make lifelong friendships and possible more (like marriage). Everyone is welcome.

We look forward to meeting you so please sign up for an event today and have fun. It will be one of the best choices you have ever made. Now get out and enjoy some Social Fun.

UPDATE-PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a dating group, although 90% of the members are single that is not the focus of the group. This group is about making friendships that can lead to dating as we've had over 82 members that have gotten married. This is directly attributed to the relaxed, no pressure non dating group setting we've created.

Costs: To join the group and attend most events is basically FREE, BUT we ask if you enjoyed the group, help us keep it going by making a $11 annual donation to help cover the costs associated with running such a large group like paying off the Meetup fees of $180/year.

ALL Members are required to have a recent real clear main profile photo of themselves or they will not be allowed to join this group or removed for lacking this photo. Please reapply to join with a conforming photo. Thanks.

Social Fun Members Credo

1. Participate in Social Fun to have fun and make new friends....Please do not create drama.

2. Members must have a completed profile with a clear, recent photo and profile information.

3. RSVP "YES" only when you’re 100% sure you can attend.

4. Arrive on time and never "No Show." Members who "No Show" take away RSVP slots from other Members and negatively impact Social Fun events.

5. Understand that after 3 'No Shows' over 3 months any Organizer CAN remove you from Social Fun

6. You are the ONLY ones capable of changing your Meetup Announcement e-mail settings. Social Fun Organizers cannot set these.

Social Fun Organizers Credo

7. May disallow members with 2 or more "No Show" marks from attending their events.

8. Post events on a first come, first served basis.

9. May contact Biagio or other Organizers for help.

10. Will never bother or post inappropriate comment on another Organizers event.


DISCLAIMER: During all events, Members are responsible for themselves. The Organizer and Assistant Organizers are not responsible for the safety of the participants. We will try our best to prevent accidents, but are not responsible or liable if something happens to you. By joining the group, you acknowledge this. Thanks

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Please Contribute $11 Yearly to help pay Social Fun Meetup fees to keep group

The Meetup Web Site -time to pay the Meetup fee


Friendly monthly reminder to contribute $11 yearly to help us pay off the yearly Meetup Group fee and additional cost to run Social Fun so we can keep it going. Its a YEARLY fee and NOT a Monthly fee. Let me address any crazy rumors and incorrect assumptions that I am getting rich from Meetup. These assumptions are based on having ALL 11,000 members paying the $10 a member fee which would equal $110,000, but that is 100% incorrect. I am not making $110,000 a year for this group! So please let me clarify less than 0.1% of the group’ members actually pay the $11 yearly Voluntarily Donation. Out of that $11 PayPal take their cut so I only get $10 per member. I barley take in $100 a year on average which is NOT enough cover the yearly Meetup fees and the other Meetup expense like printing out Meetup materials, supplies for the group, batteries, games, Meetup business cards, etc. Over the past 8 years I've acquired over $1000 of debt to run this group and cover Meetup expenses. Itstime to understand the truth and stop making assumption. I'm now paying Meetup a $180 fee every year to run the group. In 2016 we have only collected $140 from members for the Meetup Group Fee so far, and we have not paid off the 2008 to 2016 debt which is over $1000 now. If we cannot get members to pay off this debt then I’m just going to let the group shut down due to lack of funding when the next payment is due. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- That $1000 debt is taking away from my Son's (Giuseppe see photo below)College fund which is unacceptable. My Son and Family should not have to suffer just so you can can fun at our expense? Don’t forget, I pay for batteries, supplies, printouts, signs, games, stands etc. etc. to run this group its over $500 a year, which includes the $180 a year Meetup fee! Please be informed and realize what it takes to run a group this large. Oh and add to that I spend 20+ hours every week of my own time running the group which I get paid $0 for. Please help keep the group going. Don’t let not giving $11 a year, every year stop all the fun. Oh and you don’t have to pay the $11 online you can pay the $11 in person or e-mail me to pay by check. If you want to pay online Meetup has shut down the Amazon payment feature so you can now pay using Paypal and pay $11 to my PayPal account using e-mail address which is [masked] =================================== ([masked]) With PayPal, you can send money to anyone with an email address. Here’s how to send money: Log in to your PayPal account. Click Send money to a friend at the top of the page. Type the email address or mobile number to whom you are sending money, and the amount being sent. In this case its [masked] Click Next. Review and confirm the information on the screen and click Send. ======================================= Thanks and let’s keep the fun gong! Biagio

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Applebee's Neighborhood Grill


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Free Swing Dance in Nashua NH With Gate City Lindy (Multigroup Event)

Arlington Street Community Center

Come and join us for FREE a swing dancing lesson and social dancing! Beginner lesson is from 7 pm-8 pm Social Dancing from 8-10 pm No experience is necessary and no partner required. Things to bring: water, soft soled shoes (to protect the floors), and your friends! Parking is available in both front and back of the community center. The elementary school parking lot is also available if needed. We look forward to seeing you all on the dance floor! Note: this event is cross-listed with Facebook & other Meetup groups so RSVP count is not an indication of actual attendance. Typically, about 20 people (& growing) have been attending each of these swing dancing events.

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