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This group is designed for all social influencers. We meet to talk about strategies and tactics to improve your social media activities and to boost your personal brand. I am the Founder of CityGyd.com, a powerful monetization platform for Social Influencers. We combine social media with live, physical events to provide a robust method for social influencers to build and monetize their personal brands.

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Breaking Bread with Andy Warhol

MOCA Pacific Design Center


Buy discounted tickets with discount code SINGLES at https://bread-warhol.eventbrite.com Event includes: -Curated art tour of MOCA Pacific Design Center and Hamilton-Selway featuring pieces by Andy Warhol -Complimentary bread & spread with entree purchase at Le Pain Quotidien with 10% discount on all food and drink -Information and history of Melrose Ave and West Hollywood area Interested in the contemporary art scene in your area? Want to escape the stress of everyday life for a few hours and dive into an experience filled with gorgeous art and delicious food? Come join us on our tour! We will start at the MOCA Pacific Design Center where we will expand our knowledge of contemporary art. Next we will head on over to the Hamilton-Selway which is currently highlighting art by Andy Warhol. Hamilton-Selway is known to be one of the largest retailers of Pop and Contemporary Art on the West Coast. Lastly, we will enjoy refreshments and appetizers from Le Pain Quotidien (located right across the street!) where we will get to know each other and discuss our favorite highlights from the exhibits. It all begins at 1 pm and we will meet at the main entrance of MOCA at Pacific Design Center on San Vicente. Here we will introduce ourselves and start the tour! We are so looking forward to meeting and connecting with you! **** Leah is an LA local who has lived here all her life. She is an art lover, Citygyd tour guide, and professional makeup artist with a passion for all things special FX. She has been working as a freelance makeup artist, specifically doing makeup for short films, fashion shows, events, and photo shoots. She studied beauty and special effects makeup in Burbank, CA and has been working as an MUA ever since. https://www.instagram.com/leahmahrer/?hl=en

Artsy Adventures At Bergamot Station

Bergamot Cafe


Buy discounted tickets prior to the tour at: https://www.citygyd.com/tour/arty-adventures-at-bergamot-5be616f2bdb60a0081a506df Preview this tour at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjVnG6hue9M Curious about your local art scene? Want to explore new works but your friends are too busy texting? Come with us to the cultural hot spot Bergamot Station. Bergamot is a unique collection of fine art galleries nestled in Santa Monica, and has been named "the primary cultural destination on the Westside". Once a trolley stop in 1875, it returned to its Railway roots in 2016 with the opening of the Expo line. Why not leave the car and take the train? Let's jingle our senses like trolley bells with the vast array of artistic expression on display. And we have provisions for the journey! We're bringing wine, and Marina is baking a delicious homemade cake from scratch. We'll provide forks, napkins, not to mention stimulating discussion and great company. The fun begins at 3 pm in the parking lot of Bergamot in front of the Bergamot Cafe, located at exhibit A, where we shall gather and introduce ourselves. We'll wend our way through the different worlds of each gallery, beginning at exhibit A and finishing at exhibit T. Let's learn, relate, and connect to the art, and enjoy each other's perspectives on this journey. We'll cap off the trip in the picnic area to enjoy a glass of wine, a sweet slice of cake and in-depth conversation. Can't wait to see you at Bergamot! Toot toot! **** This event is hosted by Marina Lang, an India's Top Model finalist and leading actress on 4 national TV shows in India. A consummate world traveler, she is fluent and literate in 5 languages and received her diploma in Mandarin Chinese. A recent arrival to LA, Marina loves to share her discoveries by leading tours and events in the local LA area. Find more about Marina @ www.Instagram.com/imarinalang

Models & Shakers at The Beverly Hilton

The Beverly Hilton

***Purchase tickets at https://models-shakers.eventbrite.com *** We only live once as they say. We only have one shot at life and really living it to the fullest. Here's the interesting thing about living life to the fullest -- we live in a city that gives us the best shot at being able to fly as high as the stars. Are you stuck in the confines of your office, in a mental prison or just really bored of your everyday life? Models & Shakers takes to you to a whole different level filled with glamour and beauty -- a new experience, one like no other. Ever wonder what it feels like to be that person for a night whom you see on TV surrounded with all these gorgeous people. Be that person for a night. Wear your best outfit, bring your A game on as you meet a selection of LA's finest models and shakers -- beauty & success. This will be a night filled with laughs, mixing, mingling and hanging out with the exclusives of LA. Our handsome and gorgeous models will be taking the time to get to know you. Let's take photos with them on this fun packed night to remember. We bring a night full of new connections between two very different worlds. Models: Attractive people who melt hearts with their charm and charisma. Shakers: Powerful individuals who make the world go round with their insight and influence. Become be a superstar with us and be part of a luxurious and exclusive event at the Beverly Hilton. It is not everyday you take part in something epic and be given the value of your hard work! Dress code: Dress to Impress! Ticket prices will be priced according on how soon they're purchased. Tickets by the door- TBD. Buy your tickets online now: https://models-shakers.eventbrite.com *** This event is hosted by Ike Chang, founder of CityGyd; Phil of Single Professionals on Meetup; Marina Lang, an India's Top Model finalist and leading actress on 4 national TV shows in India. A consummate world traveler, she is fluent and literate in 5 languages and received her diploma in Mandarin Chinese. A recent arrival to LA, Marina loves to share her discoveries by leading tours and events in the local LA area.

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