MEDICAL ETHICS - “Pills for Everyone,” Designer Babies, etc.

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According to Consumer Reports about half of all Americans use at least one prescription drug daily, and many taking “4 on average.” The use of prescription drugs has been skyrocketing (See link). Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Also, should we be allowed to try and control certain aspects of babies ( disease resistance, appearance, intelligence, physique )? Eugenics was widely respected ( and to some extent practiced ) in the early 20th century throughout the U.K., USA, & much of Europe, only falling out of favor when the excesses of WWII Germany came to light. It may perhaps benefit society if used sensibly to reduce the incidence of disease & birth defects. Some might feel it would be permissible if used to elevate the human norm in intelligence & physique. On the other hand, is it more likely that eugenics would be used capriciously to alter physical aspects such as figure & eye color? What are the risks? If a gene is altered what are possible unintended consequences?

We will also discuss various other medical ethics questions that you’d like to cover. EXAMPLE: at the end of one’s life choosing the timing with the aid of a physician.

Join us to share your thoughts on these compelling issues! Mike