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What we're about

Meet, Connect, Chat , Laugh.

This is about creating a (free to join) socialising group for all that is simply based on meeting up with people who want to get out and enjoy doing the same things as you.

Events as diverse as Pub quiz's, Restaurant visits, Rambles to Pizza and cinema nights, Comedy clubs to Singles night events.

So if you want a change from the normal status quo of going to the pub with a handful of mates, or want to expand your social circle, join us and lets build up a network of amazing people where we can:-

Socialise, Laugh and above enjoy life.

Hope to see you soon

Some basics we ask of you -

* Have a clear photo so your host can recognise you when you come to an event - we don't get many cartoon characters or rivers popping along to the pub.

* Change your RSVP as soon as you know you can't attend - this is just a common courtesy. We know that sometimes life interferes with our social plans so it can't be helped (if you had a real emergency please just let you host know asap afterwards)

* If you're running late let your host know - there should be info on the event about where and when to meet; hosts and others attending may not be able or willing to wait, depending upon the event.

* 3 'no-shows' and we will remove you from the group (first time this happens you will have chance to rejoin, but if it's persistent we may permanently remove you) - sorry about this, but it's something which frustrates both the hosts and the other people coming out to enjoy themselves

* Be respectful but have fun - remember with lots of people you will naturally form friendships with some more than others, but the group is about getting out, meeting new people and being open and sociable.

* We're all adults but we do all have different ideas about what is respectful - occasionally there may be problems with pestering or harassing (in person or online) - try to sort this at the time / one-to-one but if you can't then let your host on the event know asap (or Jayne and Debz afterwards) and we'll try to help sort it. WE ARE NOT THE HEADMISTRESSES THOUGH AND THIS ISN'T THE SCHOOL YARD so we're hoping there'll be no detentions to hand out!

* If you love the group and want to help keep it free for everyone then you can make a voluntary donation towards website fees and other basic admin (we will provide general updates on funds but we are not a business, we don't have a treasurer and a committee everything is done on goodwill) -


This is a free group to enable people to get together - you should read the info below and understand that we aren't a formally run group, you don't pay a membership, we don't have insurance or training or a formal organisation structure - the group and events are run on goodwill by people who donate their time and energy to create socials for you to attend if you wish to join us.

The purpose of this group is to arrange meetups and social connections to members of Socialize Sheffield, any member participating in any such events does so entirely at their own risk.

It is not the responsibility of this group's organisers or the event hosts of any event arranged via this Meetup group to check and ensure the suitability of individuals to complete any particular event.

It is the responsibility of the individual participating in any event arranged via this group's webpages to ensure that they are in a fit medical state to do so.

By signing up to and attending an event you confirm the following points:-

1) You acknowledge that the organisers including hosts of this group do not necessarily hold any formal qualifications in relation to any of the events or any formal training.

2) You agree and acknowledge that this group has no legal duty of care to its members and guests and that its organisers including hosts accept no liability for any accident occurring from, or for any injuries arising out of, participation in this group's activities, including travel to and from an event.

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