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Welcome.... FINALLY, a " Meet Up" for high functioning young adults living at home or a group home. I am specifically talking about the young people with disabilities that can do so much more socially and want to, but that their socialization some how ends at the programs they attend for various reasons. They do not have friends in the neighborhood, and want to "fit in" so badly but don't! Parents, I say ENOUGH, it's got to start with us! Please if you are as frustrated as I am, lets get together, and HELP! Lets help and brainstorm and make this happen! I personally, have a 32 yr old high functioning daughter at home, who is lucky enough to have a 34 yr. old sister who loves and adores her. But as we all know 'its not enough"! These young people need friends, they need their peers! They need movie dates, bowling dates, parties to attend, or just taking turn hang out at each others house. Parents, as you have already found out the first step to help will always be family. I am looking for dedicated mothers, fathers, sisters , brothers or whoever that family member might consist of. If your plain tired and sad of seeing your grown young adult home alone on the entire weekend with no plans , no friends, or sitting in their room watching a funny movie alone then reach out and lets move forward together. It just begins with one or two of us to start a network of friends for are kids, then before you know it, they are no longer alone!

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