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Art and aesthetics are inseparable from life, they are intrinsic parts of it in fact, and art is a powerful expression of the many facets of the lifeworld and of experience. It has the power to change our lives.

SEA aims to address the question of aesthetics and art in the understanding of being human within the context of our prevailing separatist worldview in which art and aesthetics are segregated from education/work – the former trivialised as mere entertainment and spectacle, and the latter regarded as the important and serious business of life.

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SEA Film Club – ‘PERSONA’ by I. Bergman (1966)

St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconcilation and Peace

The Society for Existential Analysis invites you to this riveting opportunity to enter your mind like you probably never did before! Explore Ingmar Bergman's mysterious and beautifully overwhelming world and your personal reactions to it in a mesmerising conversation about the further depths of human feeling and thought in the company of trained and experienced psychotherapists and psychologists. Intriguing and inspiring does not even begin to describe this unique event. Bold, courageous, fierce, and yet....murmuring. Join us in our ineffable adventure! Marion Steel will introduce the film and facilitate an open discussion after the screening. Marion has worked as an editor in publishing and lived in Paris, then Venice, where she completed an MA in Renaissance Art. After leaving publishing she trained as an existential psychotherapist and now works within the Dept of Palliative Medicine in a central London hospital. She is the author of ‘Do You Realize? A Story of Love and Grief and the Colours of Existence’. With elements of psychological horror, ‘Persona’ has been the subject of considerable analysis, interpretation and debate. Released in 1966, Persona is mesmerising, luminous, strange, questioning…The film, with its themes of existential aloneness, duality, insanity and personal identity, explores cinema, the scandal of the erotic, the polarities of violence and powerlessness, reason and unreason, language and silence, the intelligible and the unintelligible. Like a poem it invites multiple interpretations. So Persona appears to us: starkly beautiful, radiant, darkly troubling, mysterious yet revealing… And beguiles us. -Venue: St Ethelburga 78 Bishopsgate London, EC2N 4AG -Tickets: https://tickets.existentialanalysis.org.uk/event/sea-film-club-persona-by-i-bergman-1966 Art and aesthetics are inseparable from life, they are intrinsic parts of it in fact, and films are powerful expressions of the many facets of the lifeworld and of experience. They have the power to change our lives.

Art and Existence – David Cotterrell Studio Visit

David Cotterrell


Art and Existence – David Cotterrell Studio Visit June 16 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm £10 – £15 From 1905 to 1906 the poet Rainer Maria Rilke worked as sculptor’s Auguste Rodin’s studio assistant in order ‘to learn how to see’. What type of seeing was Rilke seeking to learn in the studio of Rodin? Art is an intensified form of lived experience, just like human and sentient beings are intensified forms of life. Art has the power to open us up to a liminal space and time where conventional dichotomies of physical and mental, material and ideal, object and subject, other and self, nature and human, etc, dissolve, connecting us to the paradox of interconnectedness and to a relation to life based on care, significance and creativity. Art, like phenomenology, is an activity of realisation capable of mobilising non-localised subjectivity. It can assist us in performing an imaginative leap beyond ourselves and reconnect to ‘the otherness that is us’, to the bigger picture to which we are always already partaking. How we focus on something changes it. Art and phenomenology are creative practices that enhance our capacities to imagine, form and receive the world, that sensitise us to its Thou-ness and to the value and significance of all life. David Cotterrell will show some of his recent works and discuss them in an open conversation. -Tickets: https://tickets.existentialanalysis.org.uk/event/art-and-psychology-encounter-david-cotterrell-studio-visit -Venue: David Cotterrell Studio 1 Borthwick Street London, SE8 3GH Website: http://www.cotterrell.com

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