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The Society of Professional Consultants (SPC) offers networking, mentoring, and education for consultants, solo professionals, and entrepreneurs. We sponsor monthly lunch and dinner meetings for Boston-area business owners, and provide nationwide support and mentoring for both new and seasoned consultants.

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Lunch Networking for Consultants and Solo Professionals

Come to our lunch meetup to network with consultants and solo professionals in the greater Boston area. This meetup is sponsored by the Society of Professional Consultants (https://spconsultants.org/) (SPC). You can share ideas with our group of new and experienced consultants, or just enjoy lunch with other solo business owners. Purchase your lunch or snack at Rebecca's cafeteria and join the group. We've picked 1 p.m. on a Friday as our start time to avoid the crush and let people take as much time as they feel they can afford . . . and maybe start a new conversation they can pick up later! Please register on Meetup - we hope you can join us in Burlington! ******* The Society of Professional Consultants has been helping solo business owners since 1986. Come to our lunch and dinner meetings to network with and learn from other local consultants and solo professionals. You can learn more about the SPC at http://spconsultants.org/

Dinner Meeting and Networking for Consultants and Solo Professionals

Join us for networking, dinner, and a seminar titled "What is Your Sales DNA? Strengthening the Six Psychological Factors that Lead to Sales Success" The cost is $35 for members and first time attendees. All others are $55. Please register and pay at https://spconsultants.org/. You can also bring a check or cash to the event if you would rather pay in person. As a consultant or solo professional, you need to find, qualify, and close new opportunities if you want to grow your business. But while effective selling skills are important, what’s more important is your psychological ability to consistently and effectively execute the selling skills you have – your sales DNA. If you’re struggling to secure new clients, you need to do more than perfect your sales skills. A stronger sales DNA can be the difference between winning and losing the contract. Even if you’re successfully getting new customers, you’ll become more successful when you strengthen your sales DNA. In this immediately actionable talk, Carl Harvey will outline the six factors that constitute sales DNA, and the impact these factors have on your sales effectiveness. You’ll learn how to address these factors and strengthen your sales DNA, and with it, your success. About Our Speaker: Carl Harvey is the founder of Success & Self-Esteem, a business development company that helps professional service providers develop the selling skills and psychological competencies required to succeed at sales. Carl is a member of the National Speakers Association and is much sought-after speaker on issues of sales, self-esteem, and sales development. Among the agencies and associations where he has spoken are William Gallagher Associates, Renaissance Alliance, the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents, and the Massachusetts Association of CPAs. His book, “What’s Stopping You? Building the Confidence You Need to Succeed in Sales”, integrates the science of psychology and the art of selling to provide powerful, proven techniques to achieve selling success. ******************************** The Society of Professional Consultants is a non-profit, New England-based resource organization for consultants who represent diverse disciplines and work in multiple industries. The Society was established in 1986 by consultants for consultants to create a dynamic peer network. For more information, please visit our website: https://spconsultants.org

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