What we're about

Socrates Café is a philosophy meetup that is open to absolutely everyone. We meet weekly to discuss questions that are common to all of humanity. It's held in a casual cafe environment and we encourage everyone to join in the discussion - but there's no obligation to do so. We're bringing philosophy back to the people!

Each meetup will focus around one specific question. Discussions can often veer far of this topic as related questions are explored. This is perfectly alright since to answer any question in a satisfying way related topics and subtopics have to be explored. But the aim is that each of us will walk away with either some satisfying answers to the original question or with some new important questions we have realised need to be explored further.

If you would like to read more about Socrates Café’s around the world check out the following links

Official Site: http://www.philosopher.org/Socrates_Cafe.html

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socrates_Cafe

On Meetup.com: https://socratescafe.meetup.com/

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Why do we think we are right?

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The philosophy of recycling.

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What is it that makes me "me"?

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The philosophy of friendship.

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