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Welcome to Socrates Café Helsinge Meetup Group!

Socrates Café Helsinge is a philosophy discussion group for the general public in which all meetups are held in Danish. Anybody is welcome to join at any time and attendance is absolutely free. Meetups will be held at the Helsinge public library every 2nd Monday within each month, from 17:00 to 18:30 within "Møderum1".

The setup for our regular meetups:

1. Welcome - remember nameplate

2. Proposal for today's topic (posed as an open question, e.g."What is freedom? How can you feel free?" )

3. The moderator will present proposals to today's issues

4. Election of today's topic - A (everyone can vote for several proposals)

5. The moderator will present the two proposals with the most votes

6. Election of today's topic - B (each can vote for their single favorite proposal)

7. Today's most voted topic is discussed (about one hour) - Marking a message by lifting his/her nameplate (moderator note the order)

8. Concluding remarks by the moderator

We aim to produce a socratic dialogue in which all participants seek to promote independent, reflective and critical thinking. It is up to each person to define what these terms mean for oneself. If participants gathers a feeling of being enriched with new thoughts for reflections about life, the goal is reached.

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