Stoicon-X Perth: The Recollection of Socrates

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Stocion-X Perth is one of a series of independently organised events happening all over the world in conjection with Stoic Week which is from October 7th - 13th. You can find more information about both at

The theme for this event is the Recollection of Socrates. We will be taken through the journey of "the wisest of all men" to discover what the pursuit of philosophy looks like in both life and death. This will combine dramatic story telling with facilitation for personal reflection and sharing experience.

No prior knowledge of Stoicism is required, although it would be very useful. The purpose is to event is to entice and encourage you to think deeply about the most fundamental important question of how best may we live, and to become a life long lover if wisdom.

Entry is free. Please make a kind donation to cover the cost of the venue and refreshments provided.

Doors Open

12:15 - 12:45
- Guided Stoic Meditation

Event Opening and Introduction

Stoic Basics
- The 3 Pillars of Stoicism

The Choice of Heracles
- Virtue is the good
- Prohairesis
- Voluntary Hardship

Tea Break and snacks

The Recollection of Socrates: Part I
"Know Thyself"
"The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living"
"All I Know is I Know Nothing"
- Stoic self awareness
- Cultivating humility.

The Recollection of Socrates: Part II
"Divine Mission"
"Obeying my Post"
"Inner Voice"
- Purpose
- Love of Fate
- Fortitude

The Recollection of Socrates: Part III
"Corrupting the Youth"
"The Gadfly"
- Justice
- Civic Duty
- Doxa (popular opinion) and indifference to others

The Recollection of Socrates: Part IIII
Guilty Verdict and The Hemlock Cup
- Stoic Impermanence
- Contemplation of Death