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Blockchain Sofia is coordinating meetups, educational events, hackathons and building a Blockchain community. Built for and by Entrepreneurs, Engineers and Developers from Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Science with a Beer #1: Quantum Computing

Networking: Premium Co Working Spaces

We are pleased to announce the first and very hot topic in the series "Science with a beer" where Academy Lecturers present a topic, simplified, and while in a non-academic and informal environment. The topic: Quantum Computing Binary computing might have reached its physical limits and futuristic? computing might be the new thing on our desks. Quantum computing, just as recently became a commercial item by IBM's new release, is totally different than what we have known so far about computing. Although not perfect It can be extremely efficient on big databases and parallel procedures. Join us and learn more about this breakthrough technology. Pre-knowledge is not required. An academic degree and basic computer knowledge are a benefit. The lectures in the series of "Science with a beer" does not cost money, and never will. The goal behind this initiative is to bring the academic world and the startup environment in Bulgaria closer together. Who knows what fruits it might raise.

The Dronathon 48hr Event

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The Dronathon е иновативно събитие за България, което ще обедини в себе си съвкупност от лекции, уъркшопи, двудневен хакатон, състезания и обучения с дронове, обмяна на опит и афтър парти. По-важните акценти от събитието ще се излъчват 🔴LIVE🔴 ПРОГРАМА: ДЕН 1 /[masked] г./ 19:30 – VIP Вечеря и коктейл със спонсорите ДЕН 2 /[masked]г./ 09:00 - Откриване, представяне на отборите 09:30 - Обявяване на задачите за отборите. Старт на Хакатона 10:00 - 12:30 - Презентации, Уъркшопи, Обучения 12:30 - 13:30 - Обяд 13:00 - 17:00 - Презентации, Уъркшопи, Обучения 17:00 - Capture the flag – Игра, състезание 19:30 - Награждаване на победителите от Capture the flag 22:00 - Афтър Парти ДЕН 3 /[masked]г./ 11:00 - Brunch (късна закуска след афтърпартито) 11:30 - 13:30 - Презентации, Уъркшопи, Обучения 13:30 - 14:30 - Обяд 14:30 - Състезание с дронове 17:00 - 19:30 - Презентации, Уъркшопи, Обучения 20:00 - Церемония по награждаването на победителите ОРГАНИЗАТОРИТЕ СИ ЗАПАЗВАТ ПРАВОТО ДА ПРОМЕНЯТ ЧАСОВЕТЕ И ПРОГРАМАТА, КАТО ПРЕДВАРИТЕЛНО УВЕДОМЯТ ГОСТИТЕ И УЧАСТНИЦИТЕ В СЪБИТИЕТО. Темата, с която ще бъде свързана програмата на събитието и задачата на отборите е: BLOCKCHAIN-SUPPLY CHAIN- DRONES. Имайки предвид с каква скорост навлизат технологиите в ежедневието ни , тази тема, според нас, има практическо приложение в близкото бъдеще и тепърва търпи разработка, проучвания и развитие. Освен състезателната част за отборите, гостите ще могат да разгледат и изпробват различни дронове и технологии свързани с тея, по време на събитието. Целта на събитието е да съберем на едно място фенове на дроновете и BLOCKCHAIN технологията, програмисти, разработчици, представители на бизнеса, представители на науката. ДАТИ: 19, 20 и 21 Април 2019 година МЯСТО: Networking Sofia: Premium Coworking Spaces ВХОД: БИЛЕТ ЗА 1 ДЕН: 45лв. БИЛЕТ AFTERPARTY: 20лв.(включва вино, бира, снакс) БИЛЕТ ЗА ЦЯЛОТО СЪБИТИЕ: 95лв. VIP БИЛЕТ: 250лв.(включва VIP вечеря със спонсорите) БИЛЕТ* за церемония по награждаването [masked]г. / 20:00ч.) БЕЗПЛАТЕН *изисква се регистрация (задължителна регистрация като се отбележиш "going") За контакт: e-mail: [masked] Тел: [masked] -------------------------- During April 2019 we will officially open the lower floor at Networking Coworking Rakovska. The lower floor will be open with an official ceremony and Hackathon that will last 48hr starting from Friday night to Sunday night. It will include food, private chef, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and also sleeping arrangments in the same building (co-living) The Hackathon theme will be: SUPPLY CHAIN- DRONES. the teams will be given a mission that they will have 48hr to complete and the winners will be announced by the lead judge. The event will be ended by an after party. The event will include a drone racing competition that will be performed by professional drone pilots. After the exhibition and during the event the crowd will be able to experiment and experience drone flying, lead by instructors and commercial safe drones. The whole event will be guided by professional mentors and will be supervised by safe keepers. The indoor race track illustration: https://www.networking.space/hackathon/ The race track will be literally around the structure indoor and outdoor, During the whole event, the racing drones will broadcast their sight through the TV screens at the venue for a true first-person view experience. Some of the event moments will be also broadcasted live to the home viewers. During the event, there will be also a CAPTURE the FLAG competition, where drones will compete getting and carrying the flag of the main sponsor from Base A to Base B that are spread with 3 indoor levels obstacles. Team application: https://goo.gl/forms/j9cLget2I06spb3t2 There is still an option to become a golden sponsor of the event. through the contact link or direct message the event owner at: [masked], +359.([masked]

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