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Do the following scenarios seem painfully familiar?

‧ I missed my promotion, again…

‧ Why don’t my spouse or partner understand me?

‧ I can’t deal with my difficult bosses…

‧ How do I know if he or she is the right one for me?

‧ How can I make better small talk?

Notice the commonality? No technical knowledge from any degree courses gives you the answers to these questions or scenarios...

Welcome to Singapore’s FIRST meetup group focusing on Soft Skills awareness and development!

Through a fun, interactive and self-exploratory platform, we aim to help more individuals, one at a time, to grow their soft skills competency so that they can be empowered to handle any challenging life situations.

Join us right away! (https://www.meetup.com/Soft-Skills-Society?action=join)

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The ART of CONFLICT Management

1 North Bridge Road, #06-01, High Street Centre

Dear Soft Skills Warriors, This is a SPECIAL EDITION MEETUP which I have specially asked my management for permission to invite you to a learning seminar opportunity. Some of Lusi Group’s past seminars include paid ones that cost $168 per seat. THIS IS A ONE-OFF COMPLIMENTARY TICKET OPPORTUNITY EXCLUSIVELY FOR S4 MEETUP MEMBERS! ONLY 15 FREE SEATS AVAILABLE, ACT NOW AND RSVP IMMEDIATELY!! *The Art of Conflict Management* Conflicts may occur because of differences in expectations, priorities, values, perspectives, communication styles, habits and even in money management. In many instances, people tend to sweep conflicts under the carpet and hope the conflict will disappear as time passes. However if conflicts are not addressed and managed in an effective way, they can worsen and lead to a deterioration in trust and, potentially, the end of a relationship. In this seminar, you will learn how to identify the sources of conflict, as well as methods to resolve them through understanding various personalities.

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How to SET GOALS and not miss them time and time again

1 North Bridge Road, #06-01, High Street Centre

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