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Software 3.0 : Software 3.0 is inspired by biological intelligence not just at neuronal level but also at higher order systems level such as Basal Ganglia and Cortex.

Software 3.0 involves Semi Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning. These systems learn by modelling the world as agents and environment and have had huge success recently as evidenced by OpenAi beating Dota5, Deepmind Alphago bearing Go,Chess and Shoji and also winning the protein folding problem.
We are truly at the beginning of the emergence of “General” intelligence in software systems , we call this is Software 3.0
Software 3.0 Topics will consist of :

Computational NeuroScience
Quantum machine Learning
Deep Reinforcement Learning
Semisupervised, unsupervised Deep Learning
Software Engineering and Tools for Software 3.0
DataFabric 2.0

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