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This is group for anyone interested in Software Development, Software Architect and Software Engineering. If you have passion or interested with Software Architecture you are on the right place.

Our meetup coverage on both the technical and non-technical aspects of software architecture.

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[FREE WORKSHOP] - Defining Problem Before Designing Solution

COHIVE - Nissi Bintaro Campus - 1st Floor

## Description When developing software, we must start from defining the problem we want to solve. That is the reason why Software is often called IT Solution. It is a solution to business problem. And it also thrives to fulfil the business’ goals. Therefore, analysing the business requirements is an important task that ensure our work is measurable, and that we design the right solution. In this session, we will talk and discuss about business requirements. From problem to goals, and also how to elicit them. We will also talk about the metrics that software must fulfil as the business goals statement. Just bring your pen and paper (eh, we are not doing tabletop, kay) and join the group! Since the time is limited, please come on time! P.S: - It is not good to rush the discussion so it is okay that we don’t finish all the topic at once. But the next session might be a paid workshop, so… 😈 ## Objective 1. Understanding Business Requirements 2. Can identify business problem and business goals through elicitation. 3. Understanding the importance of Business requirements before any other requirements. ## Prerequisite 1. Read “Software Requirements” Version 3 by Karl Wieger, at least chapter 1. 2. Understand what requirement is, this is covered by the chapter of the book above. 2. Can understand what other human being are talking about. 3. Can talk in a form that is understood by other human being. 4. Having a knowledge or experience in gathering requirements. (Fresh guys are always welcome, however, please prepare your baseline knowledge and read as much as you can so we can keep up the pace.) ##Trainer Muhammad - COO - PT Arsitek Perangkat Lunak Indonesia (APLINDO) This event is FREE. We don't want to limit the participants and we want to keep this high quality event FREE so please help us by attending the event with the intention to learn and have your full attention to the speakers. FnB provided, first come, first serve. Please support us by: • Invite many friends as much as you can to join this community • You can invite students, IT professional or anyone who interested Thank You.

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