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Engineering Excellence!

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Engineering Excellence!


Hi Folks

Welcome 2019 and this is our first meetup in 2019. Join us with this new spirit.
Engineering excellence is about delivering software you can be proud of. Great software has features supporting well articulated business and user needs. Having great features however is not enough. Quality characteristics such as usability, uptime and performance drive user satisfaction. Well thought through processes create an environment in which teams can not only deliver but also exceed user expectations. This meetup introduces continuous improvement process for assessing and driving engineering excellence.

Here is our speakers

1. Ariya Hidayat, Former VP Engineering at Shape Security
2. Ferry Sutanto, CEO at G2Lab
3. Ifnu Bima, Head of Product at BBM

Plan Rundown:

18.00 - 19.00: Registration

19:00 – 19:05: Opening address by SARCCOM and PRASMUL

19:10 - 19:40.: Session#1: Ariya Hidayat

19:40 - 20:10: Session#2: Ferry Sutanto

20:10 - 20:40.: Session#3: Ifnu Bima

20:40 - 21:00: Discussion Panel, Q n A

21:00 - End: Closing, Networking, Photo session

This event is FREE. We don't want to limit the participants and we want to keep this high quality event FREE so please help us by attending the event with the intention to learn and have your full attention to the speakers.

Please support us by:

• Invite many friends as much as you can to join this community

• You can invite students, IT professional or anyone who interested

Thank You.
PRASMUL University
Prasetiya Mulya University, Campus Cilandak, Cilandak Barat, RT.14/RW.6, Jl. R.A.Kartini, RT.14/RW.6, Cilandak · Jakarta Selatan
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