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Knowledge Cram - Publishing & Subscription based Messaging

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A knowledge cram is a challenge. The challenge is to find out everything you need to know about a Publishing & Subscription based Messaging in one day.

When a group of people collectively work on all aspects of a subject in smaller groups, then come together to share the total knowledge.
The Idea is really simple.... A work shop where the whole day is dedicated to learning about one subject "Publishing & Subscription based Messaging" (Pub/Sub). Pub/Sub is one of the most desired concepts within software today, The core components of a message bus are "Queues" and a "Pub/Sub", which are often overlooked as we get wrapped up in feature rich products.
We all work using "KANBAN" and iterate through the tasks to complete the whole body of knowledge

The Agenda

10:00 Introductions. 10:30 Produce the list of questions to be answered
11:00 Order food and start your challenge 16:00 Review the Day 17:00 Close (Prompt) Check List

Bring your laptop You will probably work on one team members machine, but bring your own just in case You will need to be able to present fro the laptop

So consider an application to present with I would suggest powerpoint but you can use paper if you wish, then photograph it and uploaded Need to have a connection for VGA. HD, Display port or DVI (I have adapters) Templates you have previously used (for your team to consider) A UK power supply Money This is a free event. However, food and some drinks are not free. Bring money (preferably cash) for food, we will put into a collective pot and have food and refreshment delivered at lunchtime (chose what you want from Pizza express)

Please contact me if I have missed anything