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Mob Retreat - a free full-day collaborative software development workshop

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This event is organized by the Mob-Programming on Open Source Software group.

Software development is a team sport and ensemble-programming a.k.a. mob-programming can be one way to improve team collaboration and reduce waste.

"How can we work together as a team without waiting, distraction, interruption, or multitasking?"
-- Woody Zuill, the discoverer of mob programming

πŸ’‘ Let us find out in a MobRetreat, a full day-long coding dojo for trying collaborative software development. In a mob of 4 people, we practice TDD, refactoring and explore different collaboration styles. Unlike a code retreat, changing constraints relate to communication, not to the code. This is about learning to play well with others and use that skill to make better code with the power of a team. At the end, we share our learnings in a retrospective.

βœ… Everybody is welcome, no matter if you tried mob-programming before or are curious to try it for the first time. Also, it doesn't matter if you are already programming for decades or just getting started. Understanding the basic principles of any programming language will be enough. Usually, there is a good mixture of experience levels in each mob.

Does mob-programming make sense in every context? We don't know, but it works very well for some. There are companies doing it (one already for 7 years) and it is definitely interesting to try and figure out in which scenarios it can be applied well.

πŸ•˜ We will start at 9 am. Lunch break will be from 12.30 till 13.15. The event ends at 5 pm. In case you need to leave earlier, there will be a possibility to do so around 3 pm.

πŸ“‘ We will work on a different kata than the last Mob-Retreats.
Everything you need to participate is a Zoom client and a browser.

To see full details of how the day unfolds, have a look at where also the full slide deck can be found (under Resources).

➑️ Looking forward to seeing you at our event.

If you are joining from the US/Americas you might want to consider the Mob-Retreat by Bob Allen:

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