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SoCraTes Day Switzerland 2018
SoCraTes Day is an International Conference for Software Craft and Testing, a single-day version of the full SoCraTes Conferences. It provides an ideal setting for speaking to and coding with other talented and engaged developers, letting us learn from and with each other. Register now at the SoCraTes Day Switzerland ( website! Also, if you happen to work at or know of a company who'd potentially sponsor (i.e. feed) us, do ask them to contact us. Your karma points will be credited after the food and drinks were consumed. :)) See you in September! RSVPs DON'T SUFFICE - YOU NEED A TICKET!


Merkurstrasse 43 · 8032 Zürich

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    What we're about

    We want to improve our technical skills. Learning by doing: Architectural Katas, Coding Dojos, Knowledge Exchange, Moderated Discussions.

    This is not about: PowerPoint Presentations, Project Methodologies, Scrum VS XP, Agile VS Lean, Kanban VS Voodoo.

    Meetup is once a month. 10x / Year.

    We value

    • Practical, concrete discussions on code over generic talks

    • Solutions applicable in any language over vendor-specific tool marketing

    • Exchange of ideas in an open environment over passive listening

    • Learning by practicing with peers over hearing and forgetting

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