What we're about

We want to improve our technical skills. Learning by doing: Architectural Katas, Coding Dojos, Knowledge Exchange, Moderated Discussions.

This is not about: PowerPoint Presentations, Project Methodologies, Scrum VS XP, Agile VS Lean, Kanban VS Voodoo.

Meetup is once a month. 10x / Year.

We value

• Practical, concrete discussions on code over generic talks

• Solutions applicable in any language over vendor-specific tool marketing

• Exchange of ideas in an open environment over passive listening

• Learning by practicing with peers over hearing and forgetting

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Xtrem Reading - Read 2 Books in 1 Hour?

Online event

How many books are collecting dust on your shelf? Do you never find the time? It would be nice to read them, but somehow life happens...

We have a solution for you: "Xtrem Reading". Learn group reading and read 2 books in 1 hour.

Who is this session for?
Everyone who wants to learn new stuff and believes in collective intelligence. This kind of format is a first step to become a learning organization, it allows you to break smoothly horizontal and vertical silos in your organization.

The fathers of Xtrem Reading Yoan Thirion and Cédric Tamavond gave us their material and Yoan run the workshop with you.

Find here the Why & How: https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/xtrem-reading/cultivate-team-learning-with-xtrem-reading

And visit the official website: https://ythirion.github.io/xtrem-reading/

Undust your books and be ready!

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Exploring User Stories with Example Mapping

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