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The purpose of this meetup is to create awareness on good software design and development practices - which are not found in textbooks, but generally learnt only by experience or told by word of mouth. We will do this via short duration workshops. This can help vastly improve the productivity of the software team and result in fewer bugs/lesser refactoring in software.

This language and platform agnostic workshop (reviewed by some senior software experts in the industry) will be immensely helpful for software professionals who would like to gain a solid understanding of the software development principles & practices generally not found in textbooks & learnt mostly through experience. We also plan an edition of this workshop for students who have learnt programming and want to pursue a career in software development.

The meetup will provide space to interact as also schedule these sessions (including a free introductory session) at different places & help more people to take advantage of this wonderful literally 'life-and-time-saving' knowledge & wisdom.

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Master the Art of Software Design and Development!

Pune IT Park

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