What we're about

Talks and workshops about:

- Software Design
- Patterns and Architectures
- Workflows and Methodologies
- Multicore and Parallel Programming
- Modern Frameworks and their Concepts
- Productivity Tools and Continuous Integration
- Team Communications and Roles Responsibilities

Web, Mobile, Servers, Desktop, IoT, Spaceships and of course magic behind it.
Sites, Services, Games, Sensors, Tools, Graphics, Generators, Chars, Finance.

Saying "Design" we mean idea realization, vision, and functionality of the future product. Design give answers the common questions: what, how, where and when.

At our meetups we would like to find answers to that design questions specific for Software Development, not only in general but in different fields of IT business: web, games, servers and clouds, IoT, bots and AI, neural networks and image processing, multicore\parallel programming, automation, production\deployment tools and CI, etc. Behind that, we will discuss and share experience in team management and communication, organization structure, role responsibilities and etc.

Based on real projects experience we would like to discuss tools and techniques used for a specific job and will try to define which one suits the best for specific type of project. Also, we will cover general Computer Science questions.

Our plan next:

1. For each meetup we provide a list of topics about software development, from different fields and languages.
2. From this list participants choose one of the most interesting topic, and they preparing a talk about how they see the topic.
3. At event they present their talk to audience.

This way cover two major goals:
- Better educate yourself
- Prove your understanding through teaching others

And if your will be not prepared at time of meeting we can shift it to next time.
This is all for you, you need this!

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