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"All Technology Geeks are more than Welcome....!!!"

We are iBASEt India Software Pvt. Ltd., an US based Software Company which has operations in India also. We work closely with Manufacturing Industry and their Shop Floor Management systems. We believe that knowledge is supposed to be shared which improves both the participants. We will be organizing interactive sessions on bimonthly or quarterly bases to share new innovations/technologies. Different kinds of sessions will be organized based on technical topics, best industry practices like agile and scrum which can help everyone to improve .

We are also giving platform and required resources to anyone who is willing to share their ideas and innovations through us.

It is a humble try from "iBASEt India Software Pvt. Ltd" to improve anyone who is interested in sharing their ideas and has willingness to share their knowledge with others. We would really encourage people to attend and take maximum benefits of such sessions and share your personal experiences.

If anyone interested please contact us at pragnesh@ibaset.com or mbarot@ibaset.com .

You can also reach us at +91 8160064707.

Our website http://www.ibaset.com/

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