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Elixir - Functional programming Meetup

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Mathildelaan 1a · Eindhoven

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Vanuit het centrum is Kabisa eenvoudig te bereiken. Kabisa is gevestigd in het pand genaamd BZTRS, toegankelijk via het Lichtplein. Deze ligt achter de ANWB winkel en de Rabobank Emmasingel. Parkeren kan het beste in de parkeergarage - Emmasingel

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Thursday November 15th, Kabisa will host 3 Elixir talks. Everyone interested in functional programming and Elixir is welcome to join us!

Tonći Galić
“Property based testing in Elixir”

As developers, we write unit tests in a TDD-style workflow for validating the behavior of our applications and libraries. However, all possible situations need to be manually thought out when writing the tests for the code. Property based testing aims to solve this by allowing the developer to specify behavior of their programs in terms of properties (invariants) of their code and then automatically generating tests that check if the property is indeed valid. In this talk, the key concepts of property based testing will be explained, along with clarifying examples, ranging from introductory snippets to more complex ‘real life’ scenarios. The examples will be written in Elixir; a functional programming language that runs on the Erlang virtual machine. The high level, flexible and expressive nature of the language make it an ideal fit for declaring properties against which a program can be checked.

Pascal Widdershoven
“Scaling a large-ishElixir app: war stories.”

When your project grows bigger, using Elixir has its own set of pitfalls and advantages. Pascal will talk about his experience with Elixir when converting a monolithic project, to an umbrella project with smaller, separated components.

Hans Kenis
“Functional Domain Modeling”

Domain-driven design offered us patterns and practices to tackle complexity in the heart of software. Most examples and explanations of these patterns are done in an object-oriented approach.
In this talk we try to explore how we can use the practices and principles of DDD in combination with functional programming. We will investigate the possibilities we have in Elixir to design a clean domain model, that is business-focused and flexible.

Kabisa is providing food & drinks. It's free to participate, but since we have a limited amount of space do sign up early. We'll start at 17:30 and wrap up around 21:00.