• Software Engineering Sydney March Meetup

    Commonwealth Bank Square

    Welcome to another year of #SoftEngSydney meetups! A new year means new exciting topics to pique your interests, presented to you by respected speakers in their fields. For our first event of the year, three experts will be discussing what they are currently excited about in software engineering. Doors open at 6pm with light canapés & drinks, with presentations kicking off at 6:30pm. #SoftEngSydney Sessions ======= Infrastructure as Code James Ousby Senior Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services Come and hear from James on the latest advancements in ‘Infrastructure as Code’ and explore the ‘AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)’ project. James will cover the history of infrastructure as code on AWS and dive into the problems that this new toolkit looks to address with some examples in Java.” About James James is a Senior Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services (AWS) where he helps large enterprises within the Financial Services segment to get the best out of the AWS platform. James is also a part of the AI/ML Technical Field Community at AWS which involves having an area of depth around the AI/ML services on AWS. Prior to joining AWS James had 15 years of Application Development experience in Investment Banks with a particular interest in CI/CD, distributed systems and Scala/Functional Programming. --- Protocol Buffers Driven Development Wilhelm Eek Software Engineer @ Spaceship One of the prominent factors impacting delivery speed is a lack of cohesion between multiple teams working on the same feature. Wilhelm will discuss how Spaceship uses protocol buffers to reduce friction, and prevent toe-stepping. About Wilhelm Wilhelm is a member of the core services team that help Spaceship's technology platforms communicate. Before joining Spaceship, Wilhelm worked on the CommBank app as an API engineer. --- Trust in blockchain Ethan Williams Lead Software Engineer @ CBA Blockchain is the hottest new fashion trend making waves all around the world, and is set to revolutionise the way we live! But aside from cryptocurrencies, what problem does blockchain actually solve? How do we know if we should put ___ on the blockchain? Ethan provides some answers to these questions using his practical experience in the CBA Innovation Lab. About Ethan Ethan is currently Lead Software Engineer across CBA Innovation Labs. Ethan moved to CBA Sydney following a career in private health insurance & social services in Newcastle. His career experience spans a wide range of software development, including front-end, back-end, ​and dev-ops, and most recently leading the blockchain engineering work streams at CBA.

  • Software Engineering Sydney December Meetup

    Commonwealth Bank

    The year is nearly over, so let’s end our meetups with a bang! Our last event for the year will be presented by experts in the fields of software engineering. I look forward to seeing you all at our event. Doors open at 6pm with light canapés & drinks, with presentations kicking off at 6:30pm. #SoftEngSydney Sessions ------------ Abstraction…applying our abstracting thinking in building software Jordan Knight Principal Software Engineer @ Microsoft Some say that our ability to abstract is the biggest difference between humankind and animals. What is abstraction?​ How can you weaponise it to build great software? How do you know if you're doing it well? What are the various levels of abstraction from line-by-line code level abstraction right out to modeling the real world? How does abstraction work with other foundational software engineering principles? In this session, Jordan will review the scientific process of applying our ability for abstract thinking to the creation of great, elegant and understandable software. About Jordan Jordan is a Microsoft Principal Software Engineer who runs a black-ops development team based in Australia. Jordan and his team work on a variety of high impact solutions including high-scale compute, machine learning and data science and especially enjoy improving developer experience and customer outcomes via the scientific application of software engineering principles including DevOps. Prior to Microsoft Jordan owned and operated a software development company specialising in Xbox, phone and cloud based applications. Event Sourcing, Microservices & Kafka Andy Britz CTO @ Simple Machines Abstract: The last few years have seen a push towards event-based systems and architectures. This has sparked a renewed interest in event sourcing, in which events are regarded as the fundamental source of truth of system state. Kafka first gained popularity as a persistent message queue but has also proven to be a good fit as the primary event storage database, with a scalable architecture and excellent fault tolerance. We investigate an API for building Kafka-based event sourced applications, providing data consistency guarantees and a simple programming model. About Andy: With more than 20 years of Information Technology experience and success, Andy is a strategic and solutions-focused individual with a superb blend of hands-on technical experience, management expertise, and interpersonal skills. With a proven track record of building high volume, distributed systems at some of the world's largest sports betting, gaming organisations and financial institutions, Andy comes with a wealth of experience spanning a broad and diverse technology set.

  • Software Engineering Sydney October Meetup

    Commonwealth Bank Place

    It’s time for another meetup and this time we will be talking about one of the fastest growing discipline, Data Engineering! Advanced internet technology brings more data being generated, and the data is only getting more complex. To help us with this, our guest speakers will share their knowledge and experiences on how to harness the data to deliver maximum value to the business. Doors open at 6pm with light canapés & drinks, with presentations kicking off at 6:30pm. #SoftEngSydney Sessions ------------- DATA ENGINEERING AND ADVANCED ANALYTICS ON AZURE DATABRICKS Lace Lofranco @ Microsoft Data Engineering and Data Analytics are two distinct fields with both overlapping and role-specific needs. Azure Databricks offers a unified analytics platform built around Apache Spark addressing the needs of both roles – with key collaboration features, cluster management, ML algorithms through Spark MLlib and tight data integration with Azure Data Sources. Learn how to perform both Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics on Azure Databricks through an in-depth walk through of an end-to-end analytics pipelines built on the platform. About Lace: Lace is a Senior Software Engineer in the Commercial Software Engineering team at Microsoft. Her focus is on Big Data analytics, machine learning, data engineering, and scalable architecture. She has successfully delivered projects for various industries and companies across the globe, particularly in the US, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. She speaks at both large and small conferences, recently speaking at NDC Sydney 2018. She is also a co-founder of the Melbourne Azure Nights Meetup group. SWIMMING IN THE DATA LAKE Adam Schmidt @ Commonwealth Bank Assuming that you can source your important data from somewhere: what do you do with it? How? Who? Where are the traps? In this session, Adam will talk through some of the practical aspects of working with data as a Data Engineer, and how you might make modern platforms and frameworks work for you, rather than the other way around. About Adam: Adam is an Analytics Engineering Practice Lead at CBA, based in Sydney. Adam leads up the data engineering practice for retail products and realtime analytics, and makes beer in his spare time.

  • Software Engineering Sydney August Meetup

    Commonwealth Bank Square

    We’re back for another meetup and this time we’re switching it up with an exciting topic about Engineering Culture. A panel of accomplished guest speakers from Google, Microsoft and CBA will be sharing their experience on building an engineering culture in their organizations. Doors open at 6 pm with light canapés & drinks, with presentations kicking off at 6:30 pm. #SoftEngSyd Sessions ------------ ENGINEERING CULTURE AT GOOGLE DEVELOPER RELATIONS Ankur Kotwal Abstract: Our mission at Developer Relations is to make developers successful. To accomplish this, we have a strong engineering culture. In this session, you will hear about this culture, being the zero'th customer and go behind the scenes of building a Google product. About the speaker: Ankur is a developer advocate for the Google Cloud developer relations team, where he champions the developer experience on the Google Cloud Platform. Previously, Ankur lead the Google Maps developer relations team where he helped launch the Google Maps APIs gaming offering. Ankur has also been the product manager and software engineer for Google Santa Tracker on Android, an annual tradition focusing on bringing holiday joy through fun and games. PANEL DISCUSSION Theme: How to build an awesome engineering culture? We will also open the floor to questions from the audience about overall engineering culture, how to uplift practices etc. Panel Guests: Ankur Kotwal - Ankur is a developer advocate for the Google Cloud developer relations team, where he champions the developer experience on the Google Cloud Platform. Previously, Ankur lead the Google Maps developer relations team where he helped launch the Google Maps APIs gaming offering. Ankur has also been the product manager and software engineer for Google Santa Tracker on Android, an annual tradition focusing on bringing holiday joy through fun and games. Vaughan Knight - Vaughan is a Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft, with an engineering team across Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. With over 10 years managing engineering teams, Vaughan is a firm believer in building teams around culture, diversity of thought, collaboration, and open communication. Sam McCaig - Sam is Chief Engineer – Mobile at CBA with a highly skilled team of iOS and Android engineers. For more than 10 years across Australia, USA, and Singapore, Sam has been leading diverse engineering teams with a passion for strong team culture and engineering excellence.

  • Software Engineering Sydney June Meetup

    Commonwealth Bank Square

    The June Software Engineering Sydney meet up will be another spectacular night with a great line up of speakers from Assembly Payments and Microsoft. Registrations open on now, so make sure to RVSP – you don’t want to miss out! Doors open at 6pm with light canapés & drinks, with presentations kicking off at 6:30pm. We look forward to seeing you there! #SoftEngSyd -------------------------- SPEAKERS MODERNISING YOUR CI/CD PROCESS Julian Bueno from Assembly Payments Are you in need of modernising your CI/CD process? Ask yourself these two questions: Is your organisation delivering applications and services lightning fast? Are you evolving and improving products at a pace faster than traditional software development and infrastructure management processes? If you answered no to these questions: changes must be made. Legacy monolithic applications should be modified into a loosely coupled and specialised set of microservices. Cultures must shift, and silos should be non-existent. Let’s get your products deployed into production on demand. DevOps is a culture, a transformation, a movement, a philosophy, and a practice you need to embrace. During this talk, Julian will illustrate and celebrate his journey from challenges to achievements in adopting the DevOps philosophy, and how he’s managed to stay ahead of the industry with high velocity and value to customers. A bit about Julian… Julian is a seasoned software polyglot, a waterfall refugee, and an experienced Agile practitioner. At Assembly Payments – an Australian Fintech Start-up founded in 2013 – Julian finds meaningful work as DevOps Lead. He started his career as a consultant and enjoys keeping up with the most recent technologies to help companies create world-class products for their customers. Julian’s main passions are containers, serverless and cloud architectures. When caught outside of the technology world, Julian can be found cooking, going on trips, surfing and mountain biking. -------------------------- ASP.NET CORE 2.1 – WHAT’S UP? Vishesh Oberoi from Microsoft ASP.NET Core 2.1 has been upgraded to a release candidate – what new possibilities does it unleash? Come and see the latest in ASP.NET Core 2.1, presented by Sydney based Microsoft engineer Jordan. This talk will not be limited to ASP.NET – Vishesh will also be giving us the latest insights into the new features in Entity Framework Core and SignalR, as well as a bunch of other bits and bobs you’ll need to be aware of. A bit about Vishesh… Vishesh Oberoi is a Software Engineer at Microsoft, based out of New Zealand, in the global Commercial Software Engineering team, working with large customers and startups to help them solve their engineering challenges using emerging technologies.

  • Software Engineering Sydney April Meetup

    Commonwealth Bank Place

    It is our inaugural Software Engineering Sydney event and we have lined up some outstanding speakers from Amazon and CommBank! Doors open at 6:00pm with food and drinks being served until 6:30pm, when the presentations start. Presenters ========== Emerging Technology Kyle Roche – General Manager, Amazon Sumerian (AWS AR/VR) Olivier Klein – AWS Head of Emerging Technology, APAC Amazon Kyle and Olivier will talk about some of the current and emerging technologies including machine learning, computer vision and virtual reality. They will also provide some insight into how technological innovation happens in Amazon and how these technologies are applied. -------------- Creating Flexible APIs for Big Data Platforms Cormac O'Mahony – Lead Architect for Customer Facing Big Data at Commonwealth Bank Australia This talk will describe some of the challenges big data teams face, in making their data and insights available to customer experience teams. We will introduce the concept of flexible APIs and discuss, why you might want them and how you can go about building them. Over the last couple of years, Cormac has created a big data platform for financial data using open source technologies like Cassandra, Spark, Thrift & Storm. During this time, his work has specifically focused on using real-time data streams and big data technologies to drive contextual customer experiences. ========= We look forward to seeing you all at the event!