What we're about

Legal issues are becoming a bigger part of software engineers' lives, so we have a lot to talk about.

* As an individual engineer, are you allowed to have side projects?
* What happens if my client won't pay me?
* What about open source contributions, are they mine or the company's?
* Can my boss actually make you ____ (fill in the blank)?
* What if you get a great idea for a new app on the job?
* When does hacking cross the line into criminal territory?
* If I write a bug and someone gets hurt, am I personally liable?
* Can your company enforce a non-compete if you quit?
* If I get divorced, can my spouse take my code?
* And so many more.

For your company or project:
* What about all that intellectual property and patent stuff—does it even matter anymore when it seems like everything is open source?
* What do we have to do about that new California privacy law? GPDR?
* When it comes to data, what’s the minimum we have do do and what’s the best we should do?
* What happens if we get hacked?
* What happens when someone says we have a toxic workplace?

And there’s a lot of related topics, too like with all the stuff going on in Washington DC and Sacramento focused on big tech, how will the increased scrutiny affect my work or my company?

Or, if you’re in a specific field, like building apps for cannabis, or wine delivery, or (fill in the blank), what are some legal issues to think about?

In this meetup, we’ll likely have a weekly presentation along with once a month meetups where we’ll invite startups, lawyers, and others from the community to share ideas, knowledge, and experiences.

Join us!

Upcoming events (2)

Introductory Happy Hour: Let's Geek Out on Law and Software Engineering Topics

In this first, casual meetup, let's follow this even more casual agenda since I suspect there won't be more than a small handful of us that make it. 1) let's meet and greet, 2) Michael will open the conversation with a few interesting legal issues impacting developers for the day, 3) we'll get meta and talk about the meetup and what you hope to get from it 4) then we'll have an open discussion over happy hour. Lawyers, software engineers, and others encouraged to attend. But lawyers, leave the ties and coats at the office :-) 21+ over; not hosted :-(

Weekly Law + Software Engineering Conference Call

Needs a location

In addition to our in person meetups, you're invited to dial into our weekly Wednesday conference call where can have some learn and get your fix of law and software engineering topics! AGENDA: (1) Introductions (2) Recap on interesting legal updates or news affecting software engineers. (3) Deep dive on a legal topic of interest to software engineers such as employment law, contracting, consulting agreements, intellectual property, blockchain, privacy (esp. the new California Consumer Privacy Act), security, and more. (4) Wrap up and Q&A. SPEAKERS: In the early days it will be primarily Michael Rice, but we are actively seeking other speakers, presenters, or panelists! HOW TO JOIN: Zoom dial in information will be provided to those who RSVP to the event. (Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels)

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