What we're about

Software testers, we're a hungry people. Constantly searching for new things to learn and never satisfied with the status quo. We seek out new information and new people to learn from.

"So yes, I sometimes feel as if I'm stuck on an island. But it has been an incredible ride already!"

This is a snippet from a conversation I had with a tester from Ghent I met recently.
And frankly, I often feel the same way. Many testers are scattered around many different companies, different projects, different teams.
We're often the only tester in a software development team.
But there's so much to learn from our peers...

That's what this meetup is for: Getting to know new testers and learn from each other.

We focus on a homely atmosphere, where learning is central.
The meetup will combine talks and discussions together with a test lab, where you can test in teams.

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RiskStorming Online Session: The Deathstar

Online event

BREWT Meetup @ Ghent 13

MeetDistrict Ghelamco Arena

BREWT Meetup @ Ghent 14

MeetDistrict Ghelamco Arena

BREWT Meetup @ Ghent 13


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