Code Reviews & Rewritting a macOS app in Electron

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Software as Craft Philadelphia
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Code Reviews - Improving Your Review Style
Will Smith
Lead Developer :: Linode

Code review is often the last line of defense between nefarious bugs and the end user, and yet lacks the glory of submitting a PR yourself. Join Will Smith for an opinionated, interactive discussion of conducting proper reviews, including what to look for, how to leave meaningful comments, and how to read a review of your own code, and help shed light on the heroic nature of a good reviewer.

How we built a macOS client for our newest product, threw it away, then built it again
Ilya Sabanin (@isabanin)
Development Manager :: Wildbit

This is a rewrite story. How hard can it be for a group of web developers to build a complex macOS app? After two years of development we had to make a difficult decision to scrap a native macOS app we were working on to start from scratch with Electron. Learn about our journey, about mistakes that we've made and things that we've learned along the way.