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Mobile, Games Dev, AI/Machine Learning, IoT hackathon, training & TechTalk
It will be a fun day with lots of tech discussions and hands on interaction. - Food and drinks available at the restaurant. - Please bring your laptops, writing materials, software books πŸ“š , cool games or software materials to share, talk about or distribute. This will be a platform for: - discussions on general developments in the tech industry, - training and development on various software languages/technologies - lots of workshops/lab sessions/hackathon to develop and demo some cool software product POCs. - Investors will be present to fund and sponsor great ideas and some - partnerships will be formed to co-found the next great disruptor (Facebook, uber...) πŸ‘

Mox Boarding House

13310 BelRed Rd Β· Bellevue, WA

What we're about

What we're about

All things Websites creation | Mobile apps dev| database | cloud| robotics/AI | machine learning/data science| Networks| Games

Sponsored by TechWyns is hiring for junior to senior level software developers to work on various projects including AWS cloud, mobile apps dev, website programming, Machine Learning.

Send your resumes to for immediate interviews.

SoftwareHouse is everything about software - cloud, mobile, IoT, Web, machine learning, AI, VR, 3D printing, robotics...

Call for Speakers:-
We host meetups a couple of times each month. A typical meetup has one 20-40minute feature talk and 10-15minute lightning talks. The speakers are folks just like you! Its a great opportunity to share with the community, meet new people and impress your boss/potential employers with your public-speaking skills.

How it works:- Submit a proposal via Email
For short presentation (~10 min: add a Lightning! tag). we'll group the talks with similar proposals & schedule it for future meetups.

What you can expect from SoftwareHouse meetups: -

Want to ace interview, get a job in the tech industry, find potential co-founders or improve tech skills?

Have you ever thought about learning to code or connecting with cool coders but weren't sure how to get started?

Come meet other aspirational coders and Technology experts from diverse software backgrounds and explore the fundamentals of programming and develop an attitude that will enable us to quickly learn new technologies.

Join our slack channel NOW to collaborate, learn and share ideas -

Each Meetup will be led by an expert who will guide us in a new skill or concept, and help us get started with programming,

Additionally, Feel free to join our Trello board and feel free to create a card, add any ideas πŸ’‘, suggestions or things you would like to see or get from this meetup -

SoftwareHouse is the place where you'll always make great connections, enjoy great food and drinks, learn about new companies doing cool things, laugh, smile, and have a fun night out. And most importantly, you'll discover the people, partners, organizations, and resources to help you to build your dreams.

It's your community, we just love it and give everyone a place to play together.

Here are some example of topics we will cover:

β€’ Intro to HTML and CSS

β€’ Intro to Javascript

β€’ Intro to Git, GitHub, chef, ansible

β€’ Intro to jQuery, Angular, Node.js, Express.js, Meteor, and more!

* swift/ iOS (phone, watch, TV)
* AI, machine learning and robotics

* R and machine learning. using Machine Learning models to solve hard large-scale, real-world business problems.

* cyber security

* Chatbots, autonomous vehicles, and connected machines in digital factories foreshadow what the future will look like: The widespread implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications brings many advantages for businesses such as increased efficiencies, fewer repetitive tasks and better customer experiences. However, in the wrong hands, the potential threats could easily counterbalance the huge benefits.

We will also host workshops, panels, training, and speaking events for more intermediate and advanced coders.
All levels are welcome to attend, whether you're interested in a career or pursuing code as a hobby.
Bring your ideas πŸ’‘ and identify potential partners to help develop your ideas, bring your software challenges and someone will try to hack a fix, bring your creativity and let’s build awesome!

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