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Learning to code as well as improving your existing coding skills in a fun Test Driven way is an experience that can make you do things you never thought you could.

If you've ever wanted to gain well rooted understanding of TDD practically , then here you will have lots of hands on step by step introduction to TDD.

Coming together with others who are happy and willing to explain things to you, and with whom you can share some value you have gained yourself is very rewarding. No matter your skill level or what language you already know how to code in, join us today and be a part of something very interesting

It's very easy to see how our world is driven by software, but it appears not easy to create maintainable fault tolerant applications. Learning how to correctly apply TDD is one of the most effective ways of delivering better quality software applications

Try to bring your laptop and a friend as well :)

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Unit Testing At Compile Time

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Writing & Testing Computer Codes

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