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Real world Posses restarted on 31 March 2021. The date of the next Posse is to be confirmed.

The Soho Coffee Posse has been meeting on Wednesday evenings allowing you to socialise and relax with real gay people in the real world. We are back to having physical events as and when the restrictions are eased. Disclaimer: Our compliance with these restrictions cannot be construed as condoning or supporting these restrictions.

The Soho Coffee Posse is a regular weekday evening social gathering in the coffee bars of Soho. We aim to provide a space for gay / bi / questioning men and their friends to come together to socialise and relax in a quiet, friendly and inexpensive environment. We attract an unpredictable mix of regulars, occasional visitors and new members trying us out. Some attendees stay briefly, some come early, some come late while others stay for the whole evening. I am aiming to limit the numbers attending each Posse to around the 20 figure which will ensure we are as welcoming as possible.

We have been meeting continuously since May 2005. Until April 2014, we met in Costa Old Compton Street which is no more. Until November 2016, we met in Costa Shaftesbury Avenue which is also no more. Both these venues had large basements ideal for our meetups. Now that these have gone, we were meeting in Caffè Nero Haymarket until March 2020 as there are no suitable venues in Soho itself. We may return there when it stays open late enough. Now we are meeting at Caffè Nero Oxo Tower which is currently the only suitable venue staying open late.

We are currently meeting most Wednesdays with an occasional one missed out. We look forward to seeing you soon at the Posse.

More information at Soho Coffee Posse Blog (http://www.sohocoffeeposse.blogspot.com)

If you are considering joining the Soho Coffee Posse Group and have a question you can email me on Meetup. However, I can only reply to you if in your Email Settings you have set "Who can contact you on this site" to "Any member of Meetup". The setting of "Only Organisers" applies only to Organisers of Meetups you have already joined.

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South Bank Coffee Posse (21 Jul 2021)

Caffe Nero Oxo Tower

South Bank Coffee Posse (14 Jul 2021)

Caffe Nero Oxo Tower

South Bank Coffee Posse (7 Jul 2021)

Caffe Nero Oxo Tower

South Bank Coffee Posse (23 Jun 2021)

Caffe Nero Oxo Tower

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