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The Soho Coffee Posse is now hosting online events every Wednesday evening so that we can continue to socialise and maintain some sanity during the madness. You'll need a laptop with webcam and internet connection OR Android phone or iPhone in order to take part. The Soho Coffee Posse physical events will return in some form somewhere sometime.

The Soho Coffee Posse is a regular weekday evening social gathering in the coffee bars of Soho. We aim to provide a space for gay / bi / questioning men and their friends to come together to socialise and relax in a quiet, friendly and inexpensive environment. We attract an unpredictable mix of regulars, occasional visitors and new members trying us out. Some attendees stay briefly, some come early, some come late while others stay for the whole evening. I am aiming to limit the numbers attending each Posse to around the 20 figure which will ensure we are as welcoming as possible.

We have been meeting continuously since May 2005. Until April 2014, we met in Costa Old Compton Street which is no more. Until November 2016, we met in Costa Shaftesbury Avenue which is also no more. Both these venues had large basements ideal for our meetups. Now that these have gone, we are now meeting in Caffe Nero Haymarket as there are no suitable venues in Soho itself.

We are currently meeting most Wednesdays with an occasional one missed out. We look forward to seeing you soon at the Posse.

More information at Soho Coffee Posse Blog (http://www.sohocoffeeposse.blogspot.com)

If you are considering joining the Soho Coffee Posse Group and have a question you can email me on Meetup. However, I can only reply to you if in your Email Settings you have set "Who can contact you on this site" to "Any member of Meetup". The setting of "Only Organisers" applies only to Organisers of Meetups you have already joined.

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Online Coffee Posse (3 Jun 2020)

Online event

The Soho Coffee Posse has been meeting on Wednesday evenings allowing you to socialise and relax with real gay people in the real world. As the real world has been boarded up, we are now continuing to support each other by meeting online. We are using Zoom so you can see and hear everyone at the Posse from your laptop or smartphone. You can also join from anywhere in the world as long as you are awake. No train or plain fares to pay for, no quarantines to endure. At the start of the event, we'll allow each attendee to separately introduce themselves. After this we'll see where the conversation goes - but, bare in mind, it only works with 1 person talking at once. We are now experimenting with posing challenging questions for you to ponder and debate. To take part in this Posse, you must RSVP here on Meetup, preferably before 7pm on the day of the event. Before the Posse starts, I will message you the meeting location details if you have RSVPed. There is a limit to the number of people attending the Posse online, so if having RSVPed you decide not to attend, please change your status back to not coming to allow others to attend in your place. The event starts at 8pm BST and as we are not in a real cafe closing too early, the duration is flexible. I expect it to end between 9:30pm and 10:15pm. You can join and leave at any time. To take part, you can use either a laptop with working webcam OR Android phone OR iPhone with internet connection. The detailed system requirements can be found here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362023-System-Requirements-for-PC-Mac-and-Linux If you are using a smartphone, you'll need to install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app on your phone first. If you have RSVPed, you will receive the Meeting ID and password. Then run the App, click on Join, enter the Meeting ID, password and your name and you'll be at the Posse. If you are using a laptop and already have Zoom installed, you just need to run Zoom which will be in the main menu. Then click Join and enter the Meeting ID and password mentioned above. Otherwise, run your favourite browser and go the URL that you'll receive. This will prompt you to install Zoom and then you'll be in. If you are new to Zoom, try entering the Posse before 8pm to allow time to set things up. The Posse will be active from 7:50pm for this purpose.

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Online Coffee Posse (27 May 2020)

Online event

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