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Designed for life drawers of all levels--including complete beginners-- our friendly and non judgmental online mini courses are designed to equip members with toolkits to approach a wide variety of life drawing subjects. With presentations, explorations of contemporary art and art history, step by step drawing examples, and dynamic exercises chosen from a wide variety of poses, these comprehensive classes are designed to resemble an in-person class as much as possible, allowing students the opportunity to not just get a more in-depth understanding of life drawing but to be able to ask questions and interact with their peers.

Our Workshop Classes are entirely focussed on on-screen demos and practice with poses targeted to help you learn. They cover the same subject matter as our classes but with new poses and entirely through live demos and exercises.

​In addition to discussing each other's work at the end of the class, artists are welcome to submit a work from the class to Ann for a visual mark-up.

Taught by

Ann Mackowski (https://www.soholifedrawing.com/our-team.html)

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Markmaking: A Tour of Artists

Online event


To Join Click URL-Zoom Link is in page: https://www.soholifedrawing.com/store/p36/Markmaking%3A_A_Tour_of_Artists.html

Explore mark-making in this whirlwind class of inspiration and instruction. Taught by award winning artist Ann Mackowski, we'll be taking a look at both the markmaking techniques and history of artists through the ages including

-Da Vinci

and more!

Please bring

-Woodcutting knife (exacto uk, will be used on pencil)

Optionally, you can bring any other dry medium you like--including chalk, crayon or oil pastel. With on-screen breakdowns and plenty of exercises, this class should equip you with not only skills but a glimpse into the world of the masters of the past millennium.

Watercolour Portraiture: In Full Colour

Online event


To Join Click URL--ZOOM LINK IN PAGE: https://www.soholifedrawing.com/store/p41/Watercolour_Portraiture%3A_In_Full_Colour.html

In this friendly beginner's class we'll be learning how to create watercolour portraits through compelling colour choices. We'll begin with an overview of drafting portraits and what to look for in composition before jumping into skin colour, and mixing your paints to breathe life into your watercolour portraits. You can expect to leave the class with an understanding of

--Mixing Flesh Tones
--Cool and warm colours
--Organising your colours

Recordings of previous watercolour portraiture classes will be available on request ,or, if you'd would like to sign up as part of our watercolour portraiture series at a slight discount, you can click here -- although attendance of any previous classes is not necessary to understand this class on a one-off introductory level.

Please bring:

—Red, Yellow, and Blue Watercolours
—RECOMMENDED: Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Alazarin Crimson or Pyrrol Crimson, Raw Umber, Ultramarine, Pthalo Blue
--Watercolour Paper
--2-3 Cups Water
--Paper Towels/Rag/ Etc... for Wiping
--Pencil and Eraser

Drawing Profiles

Online event


Join/View Link (WITHIN PAGE): https://www.soholifedrawing.com/store/p3/Drawing_Profiles.html

In this beginner-friendly online class we’ll be learning to draw portraits in profile with simple, step by step instruction. Profiles can be difficult—but in this friendly and beginner-welcoming class we’ll be learning push through the difficulties in drawing the face at the oblique angles that we see in day today life, where it’s rare to have the benefit of a straight-on portrait! Through break-downs, tips and techniques for drawing the face, and some studies of specific details such as the eyes, nose, and mouth, you’ll have plenty of fabulous reference poses to draw from, making it perfect for not only perfect for beginners learning how to life draw but also more experienced artists looking for new material and inspiration.

Taught by London artist and Soho Life Drawing founder Ann Mackowski (www.annmackowski.com)

Drop-In Guided Life Drawing: Live Online!

Online event




Meeting ID:[masked]

To join, please transfer £6.00 via paypal (kindly include transfer fees) to [masked] with date of class as reference (ex "June 10th"

10:15-12:15 AM California Time, 15 minute break at 11:00

Mondays and Wednesdays

Beginners Warmly Welcomed!!

Live from London, Soho Life Drawing is now running bi-weekly Zoom sessions as we wait until it's safe for our physical class to reopen. Our popular classes are designed to be accessible to beginners and experienced artists alike. Tutored by professional artist Ann Mackowski, you'll be walked through how to approach each pose with a chat room live and ready to answer any questions you might have. For those of you who've got your own system going--our poses are continuous, so you can feel free just to mute us and do your own thing--we won't be offended :)

We have a 15 minute break midway through where those of you who feel comfortable doing so share your work and get group feedback, and another share after the class. We're a super friendly group so don't hold back.

For free reference poses from some of our models, check out our instagram @soho_life_drawing where we also announce our models of the week. For more info about us, check out www.soholifedrawing.com. Once it's safe to do so, we look forward to streaming our classes live from our physical location in London's West End.

Feel free to text Ann at[masked] if you have any questions on the day.

Hope to see you there!

-Ann and Jen

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Drop-In Guided Life Drawing: Live Online!

Online event


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