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Join a select and limited group with the author in a book study for the pre-released, highly praised book, Be In Heaven Now. A spiritual adventure story leading to profound peace and mindfulness. The group will explore the journey from Suffering to finding Greatness.

The author shares his experience of losing it all and I mean everything. He lost his memory, health, home, millions of dollars, and almost his life. Everything was gone. But miraculously he found greater wealth than imaginable, with the ability to manifest abundance.

The philosopher Frank Lane, after building three multi-million dollar startup companies, will candidly share his deep secrets, how he transformed and survived after losing it all and finding Heaven Now: How to feel good all the time, even when your world is falling apart.

Frank profoundly shares how he used stroke, brain injury, disability, years of rehabilitation, business failure, bankruptcy, lawsuits, hostile take-over, foreclosure, and marriage breakdown to shifting his devastation to Be In Heaven Now, and reveals the steps to Mindfulness.

A life-changing spiritual adventure story filled with richness and wealth beyond this world, in the present moment.

“An inspiring message from an inspiring man with a passion for healthy people and a healthy planet.” — John Robbins, author Diet For A New America, and The Food Revolution

"This book will awaken every cell in your body for an enchanted life: Profound, deeply insightful, life changing, and priceless wisdom for living with Mindfulness." — Anandi Brogatzki, Spiritual Teacher

"Frank teaches us that God talks to everyone, in our own unique way, without segregation and the glass ceilings that have kept us separated from God and each other." ¬— Dr. Brian Weiss

“An inspiring work that points to what lies beyond separation and judgment. Frank takes us beyond good/ bad, success/failure to the potential to use every circumstance, even the most adverse, to open the gates to Heaven Now.” — Jason Brody, M.S.,
Founder and Facilitator, The Awakening Intensive

"I have always considered Frank Lane one of the most intelligent individuals I have ever known. His near-death experience ascended him to an even higher level. Be In Heaven Now is a testament of evolving love, wisdom, and our greater possibilities." — Dennis Estabrook, MBA, MEd, Ironman World Triathlon competitor. Director; Directed Teaching Program at California State University DH

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Be In Heaven Now - Book Study for the highly praised new book.
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Hello Friend, Join a select group with the author in a book study for the new released, highly praised book, Be In Heaven Now. A spiritual adventure story leading to profound peace and mindfulness. The group will explore the journey from Suffering to finding Mindfulness.

You can Be in Heaven Now

I know this from my experience of losing it all and I mean everything. I lost my memory, my health, home, millions of dollars, and almost my life. Everything was gone. But miraculously I found greater wealth than imaginable, with the ability to manifest abundance. This is what I will share.

Why wait until your body is dead, to experience heaven on earth? A most abundant life has always been within you. We all feel that seed within us wanting to germinate. It is the innate nature of all things to evolve. For me, losing it all was worth finding Heaven Now because I have gained a new wealth that cannot be taken from us. Whatever loss, claim it as a blessing for the realization (Awakening) can lead to living a divine life, no matter what you are facing or have faced.

First, let me share with you an essential truth, what I absolutely know: I absolutely know, that I do not know.

This wonderment, this vulnerability is this seed of greatness. I found that thinking concretely can put my feet in a bucket filled with it. My concrete shoes, believing that I did know, limited my ability to move through this magnificent and amazing life. Rich or poor, all suffer, and live in fear because of what we think we know. It is fear that feeds our ego, leading us to believe we are potentially safer. This old paradigm has run its course. However, the notion sells a lot of products and agendas, so we are bombarded with illusions of fear to get us to buy into the drama. The essential truth is that you are a magnificent child of God, incomparable to anything that man has ever created. Even a bug has more intelligence and utility than anything man has ever created. Think about it, can man build a bug? Not even, close. We were made in the image of God, and we can use ourselves as blueprints for everything that has ever been created or invented. Our operating instructions were included in every cell of our body. Those instructions are in everything living.

When I built three multi-million dollar companies from the ground up, I had to fight my way to the top, because this was my belief, and this is what I "knew". It is now clear to me; our limited beliefs cause us to suffer needlessly. Let us change that, so we can have an abundant life without killing ourselves, as I almost did.

Having beliefs are as fundamental to our existence, as is having a language to communicate. Using belief and language as tools are good things, if used correctly. Yes, beliefs are tools for our survival. They can move us up or bury us in the ground. I still remember an example of using the wrong tools in a junior high school wood shop class film. The instructional film was about students that would use the wrong tool and hurt themselves. We are hurting ourselves with our wrong beliefs, which we use as tools. Herein lies the problem. We confuse our beliefs with reality and not as tools to build greatness. Beliefs are tools. They are not you, but you have become identified with them. When you let beliefs define you, you become a slave and imprisoned in your own mind. It is time to set yourself free. Use beliefs as tools to fix problems, not as a box to hide in.

You may be saying my problems are too complex and overwhelming to be resolved. Not true. Whatever you created can be recreated into your dreams. We can recycle energy from the unmanifested into the manifested as artists, creators, inventors, and thinkers. It is the law of the universe, because everything is energy, from which all is created. You get to play with this energy to create whatever you can imagine.

We all are limited in our ability to sense the worldaround us. Mindfulness opens the door to unlimited possibilities. Here is the first key; Use the stress in your life as the most powerful force you been given. I am going to teach you how to use this force; this energy all around you, waiting for your direction.

Are you ready? Good!

Beyond Our Illusions, Our Mindset, Is a Sacred Place of Infinite Possibilities.

"I can't change the world, but I can change myself." Gandhi

This book wrote itself over five years, from decades of pondering the deeper meaning of our existence. After losing the memory of who I thought I was, it opened up a treasure chest, with secrets of life, to an existence never realized.

I made myself an instrument of Love and Transformation, to push the concepts to the edge of my universe, with God's help. So you can fulfill your destiny with these teachings based on this golden rule: We, all of us, all seven billion of us, are here for one primary purpose: To help each other. It is from this realization that the world will unfold at your feet.

You can Be In Heaven Now because a most abundant life is only a shift away in mindfulness. I look forward to hearing from you. Be in Heaven Now.

Frank Lane

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