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Real Estate Investment & Financial Strategies, What are the Differences?
Join us on June 13th, Wednesday 6:00 pm Holiday Inn 6680 Regional St. Dublin, Ca. Our special guests will be Steve Hall, a principal of his real estate investment company, FindFAST Real Estate, LLC! Supersonic Wholesaling: Top Coach and Trainer Steve Hall will show you the fastest way to cash wholesaling the right way! Learn how Steve has turned thousands of his students around the country headed to the bank with success! About Steve: Recognized as one of the nation's leading experts in distressed property management and the foreclosure process, our principle Steve Hall has been a successful business person for more than four decades. Sought after as an expert and speaker in this industry, with an M.A. degree in Communications and B.A. in Business Administration, Steve has been involved with and coaches hundreds of real estate professionals literally thousands of real estate transactions in nearly every state in the U.S. He has also worked with several fortune 500 companies and founded a successful internet company. As principal of his real estate investment company, FindFAST Real Estate, LLC, Mr. Hall has been investing in real estate since 1995. As a nationally recognized real estate investor and coach, he has trained and coached under many of the greatest real estate experts throughout the U.S. Training agents, brokers and investors for a number of years. His knowledge and advice has enabled hundreds of real estate professionals do thousands of deals and millions of dollars in business. He is also sought after by other news and websites for his technical expertise in real estate. Wednesday, June 13th, 2018, 6:00 pm Holiday Inn 6680 Regional St. Dublin, Ca. Registration fee required for everyone is $15.00 (credit cards and cash at the door) and includes a full sit down dinner anytime between 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM in the meeting room. Training starts sharply at 7:00 PM. No dinners served after meeting starts. Join the fastest growing Meetup Group in the United States! • What we'll do Investors; wholesalers, rehabbers, probate, short sales, contractors, lenders will connect with other investors and lenders and expand their resources. New investors will benefit from the experiences of established investors in our breakout sessions. Top real estate investors and business owners making 7-digit incomes will be invited to speak and share their successes. Emphasis is put on financial literacy, wealth creation and creating cash flows. Your host and organizer is one of my Business Accociates Frank Verni. He is a highly successful investors who have done over 200 short sales and numerous wholesale and fix-n-flips. We are adding new meet up groups monthly to live stream our broadcast into hot markets to find the deals and bring them to our investor members! • Important to know Be prepared to network and introduce yourself, your business and a short what you do statement at the dinner. Business cards will be exchanged. Our code of ethics are - no selling or recruiting at the meeting. Please schedule one on one's to build your networks and share deals. A table will be provided for business cards and brochures. There will be an optional Make Money Now Session offered to those who need an immediate cash flow after the meet up. Please Note: This event is published on multiple Meetups and other social networks, so we are looking forward to having a packed house. Please arrive early for Registration and Networking. Business Casual Attire. Bring Notepad to take Notes and an open mind to learn new techniques and strategies

Holiday Inn

6680 Regional St · Dublin, CA

What we're about

This group brings Seasoned and Beginning Investors together. We are part of a local Real Estate Investing community. Our goal is to Educate and to help others achieve True financial freedom that allows you to live a life of abundance today while creating a secure future. Looking for a Mentor? This is the place. We are local and understand the market. Weekly Classes to help you analyze deals. Monthly workshops on different aspects of Real Estate Investing. Everyone is welcome.

There are a number of other Meetup's that are part of the same Real Estate Investing Community. Each meet up is hosted by a community member that has their Own Business. We are all looking to expand our Team with new and seasoned investors.

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‣ You’re Looking to be a Part of a Real Estate Investing Team

‣ You’ve Always Wanted to Learn About Real Estate Investing

‣ You’re Looking to Make Additional Income for you and your Family

‣ You want More Time with your Family and Friends

‣ You’re Tired of the Real Estate Investor "Gurus" that comes into town

‣ You Want to Network with Like-Minded Individuals

‣ You’re a Realtor that Wants to Learn How to Work with Local Investors

‣ You Want to Learn How to Invest in Real Estate with None of your Own Money

‣ You Want to Build a Better Retirement

‣ You Understand that Marketing is Most Important for a Successful Business

‣ You’re Tired of Your JOB

‣ You want to be your Own Boss

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