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Welcome to Solapur Tech Next

I am creating this group to have meet up for the student who are learning various programming languages and various technologies .In college days , student never know that why
we are learning this various programming languages and technology . How real It world is ?. How real things are going… and so on.. They only knows what need to do for passing out from exam and how to score it…
Real war start when they come out …I want to focus on the way of they gain the knowledge . I want to introduce them to open source world of IT . how open source development is
going on … All interested people in same technology will have brainstorming on various technology . students will have more passion , more innovations in mind, but not the right
directions.. i would like to give directions to their innovations and passions in technology.

Lets come All passionate together and have fun and innovation on it. build the community same interested people to help ourself.

agenda of group is ,we will meet in a month or twice in month and will have sessions, workshops and some research and development on various technology.will share real IT world with you.
I would like to invite IT students from all the colleges in solapur university. There are various IT Engineer from solapur. they will share their knowledge and experience with you.

Share with your all friends in class and in other colleges and join Facebook group.

All things will be free of cost for all of you .once group is formed we will plan session on one of college in solapur city and all of you will be informed . any one can come and enjoy

Fun+innovation+learning coming soon i will register this group on meet up but till now watch Facebook group page. If more students are interested then i will start shortly.

Facebook Page

join group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/856865421012144/

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