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The purpose of SolePath community is to encourage each other to live with purpose and support each other as we discover purpose. Gathering together, reaching out for support to know you are not alone and choosing to live life at a higher vibration.

Your hosts, Shirley and Wanda are looking forward to creating activities and topics to stimulate conversation around living with purpose.

For more information on SolePath, visit our website ( or give us a call, we just love to have SolePath conversations 403.998.0191.

What is SolePath?

SolePath is the way to find answers to the fundamental questions and the everyday questions of your life. SolePath helps you understand who you are born to be and what you are born to do.

Why do I need SolePath?

SolePath is always only about you, about you as an individual finding your way and walking your path to purpose and a beautiful life. SolePath helps you find your role and make a difference.

What is the mission for SolePath?

The SolePath mission is to align with the new yin energy on the planet that started in 2012; the movement from’ I' to ‘we', from ‘me' to ‘us’. To support and guide social change for the benefit of ‘we and us‘.

SolePath helps you find your role. When you know the answers to the questions about who you are born to be and what you are born to do and we all hold hands, together we make a difference.

What is the vision for SolePath?

The SolePath vision is for everyone to know their SolePath and find their role as we move from ‘I’ to ’we’, from ‘me’ to ‘us’. Although your SolePath metaphysical personality profile is priceless, it costs only what you feel able to give. Paying what you feel able to give makes it possible for SolePath to reach out to everyone, helping each person find their role and create communities that make a difference.

Why do you say my SolePath is priceless?

Your SolePath provides the means for navigation over the course of your lifetime. It is the secret to a happy life and provides clarity around consciously choosing, deliberately creating a life of joy. You can’t put a price on that.

Your SolePath identifies the unique abilities you have to make a contribution to the shift from ‘me’ to ‘us’ and answers the question ‘how may I serve?’ Your SolePath connects you to your wisdom and provides guidance on relationships helping you take your next best step.

How do I discover my SolePath?

At the Calgary SolePath Institute, we connect to the field and measure your energetics to reveal your SolePath metaphysical personality profile; your SolePath metaphysical DNA.

What is the SolePath personality analysis?

Your SolePath personality analysis is a braid of two LightPaths and one DarkPath. Your LightPaths are expanded energy and provide direction for knowing your life’s purpose; your DarkPath is collapsed energy and provides contrast for experiencing what you do not want.

What is my next best step?

Sign up at ( to request your SolePath personality analysis and pay what you feel able to give.

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