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Acupuncture: Heart Spark Moment Exchange

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Acupuncture Heart Spark Moment Exchange, Friday afternoons, 2:30pm till 4:00pm. Together we can change the world. The SolePath Institute is pleased to be hosting group acupuncture treatments by Dr. Janice Brown, DTCM, R.Ac. using a Heart Spark Moment Exchange.

In a Heart Spark Moment Exchange, monetary exchange is irrelevant because it is an exchange of resonance, a sharing of the Spark within each of us that shines a light on others in their worth and value. It is gift in the currency of Love. So the only criteria for the gift is that it must be something that creates "the feeling of Love & Value within you" in your intention of preparing the gift or exchange.

Your gift may be anything: a coin, poem, quote, recipe, story, photograph, money (less than the typical service fee - what you can comfortably afford or more - philanthropic exchange), movie tickets, theatre tickets, plane tickets, food, babysitting for whatever you are receiving in exchange for the gift you are receiving, in this case an Acupuncture treatment. There is no criteria for what it physically is, only that it is meaningful to you.

In a Heart Spark Moment Exchange, not only is the intention important, so is the exchange and acknowledgement. The exchange asks both people to be fully present, in "BETWEEN" or in the NOW. It is a connection of Intention, each person focuses on the giving and receiving: 1. Both Eyes 2. Both Hands 3. Both Hearts. True connection 4. An acknowledgement by each of the contribution of the giving and receiving, a recognition of gratitude, "Thank you", "Blessed by you", "Namaste" etc.

Join us for Friday afternoon acupuncture and bring your Heart Spark Moment Exchange!

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