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Now part of the IoT North Community spreading across the whole of the UK, Our shows are live-streamed across linkedin YouTube and Facebook, follow @iotnorthu on twitter and IoT North on Linkedin.

We have monthly tech show and a weekly insights breakfast club show,

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Since Solent IoT Meetup's inception in 2017, the Solent is in the top 5 UK's leading hubs for IoT (InnovateUK 2018 figures), with the best LPWAN coverage in the country. Businesses, local government and academia in the area have adopted new IoT data streams over the last 2 years into business-as-usual.

This Meetup now turns its attention to the tools and techniques used to shepherd these new data streams. We'll be driving Machine Learning specifically for IoT in the next chapter of our group.

A broad church, our members of scientists, entrepreneurs and artists and everyone in between will take real-life problems solved with IoT and explore how we make sense of what we discover!

Into the bargain we have a new permanent home at the Eastleigh Thingmongers!

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IoTNorth - Detect the very big with the very small – counting bears with TinyML

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IoT North are pleased to present Jim Bennett on counting bears with TinyML
Jim left the UK a few years ago to move to the Pacific North West of the US. Back in the UK the scariest animal he might have encountered would be a sudden hedgehog, but in Washington State where he lives it seems there are bears! He even lost an apple tree and a fence to one once.
A useful tool for him would be a bear detector – a device to alert him if there are bears in the garden. Such a tool could be built using an AI model trained in the cloud and running on a powerful computer. But who wants to risk a powerful computer outside when there are bears?
What if he could run a bear detector on a relatively inexpensive microcontroller, then see the results on a cloud dashboard?
This is where TinyML comes in! TinyML is shrinking AI models down very small, as in kilobytes in size, then running them on low power microcontrollers, or tiny computers like a Raspberry Pi Zero.
In this session Jim will train a bear detector using Edge Impulse, an on-line development platform for TinyML models, taking advantage of their new FOMO object detection model. He’ll then show how to run this model on a low powered device, uploading the detection results to an Azure IoT Central dashboard.
By the end of this session, you will have an understanding of TinyML, how to train models, how to visualize data, and just how wary of bears Jim actually is…
Jim is a Regional Cloud Advocate focusing on building out and skilling communities in the Pacific North West, with a focus on the Microsoft Reactor in Redmond, Washington. He’s British, so sounds way smarter than he actually is, and is happy he moved to Redmond in time to be locked down at home and not see the office he came to work in, or the places he wanted to visit. In the past he’s lived in 4 continents working as a developer in the mobile, desktop, and scientific space. He's spoken at conferences and events all around the globe, organised meetup groups and communities, and written a book on mobile development.
He also hates and is allergic to cats, but has a 9-year-old daughter who loves cats, so he has 2 cats.


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