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For the Solo.io community members. This meetup group will host online events to share information, discuss and collaborate.

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First Solo.io online meetup

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This is a free event hosted online. Please RSVP here http://bit.ly/2RaG6Tn When: Thursday June 27th at 10 am Eastern / 1pm Pacific In our first ever Solo.io meetup, we will go over what's new in the open source projects and products, Q&A and take requests for future meetup topics. Projects and Products: - Gloo Gateway - function level API gateway - Service Mesh Hub - management and operations dashboard - SuperGloo - service mesh orchestration - Squash - microservices debugger - Gloo Shot - chaos engineering Speaker: Rick Ducott, Director of Engineering at Solo.io ICYMI: Previous release recaps are available here: https://medium.com/solo-io/engineering-release-summary-for-april-and-may-2019-a61ce4271aee https://medium.com/solo-io/upstream-groups-and-more-weekly-gloo-release-summary-702d1051f271 https://medium.com/solo-io/gloo-weekly-release-summary-7784d9e86cc0

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