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March 19

What works when combining SF with other approaches? EMDR, CBT, Agile – can anything be integrated? What does pure SF mean and does it matter? Ali Berquez – to open and kick off a discussion, which will also consider How best to get on well with non-SF colleagues and guerrilla SF. What’s complementary and what separate?

(Host – Anita)

April Weds 17

Emergent Topics (Host – Penny)

May Monday 13

How the magic works. Topic prepared by Kidge or ?

Provocations and discussion on the process of change What’s the difference that makes the difference in SF practice? Hear some magic stories, how are they accounted for by our ‘theory of change.’ – if we have one. Includes what’s the importance and relevance of The Miracle Question.

(Host – Ali)

June Tues 18

Emergent Topics (Host – Paul)

Includes reports, top activities and ideas from SOL Budapest (May 22-25)

July Weds 17

UKASFP Special – what’s hot in Bath (Reporter/leader Guy or ?) (Host – Kidge)

Reports, highlights, session repeats, best activities, topics emerging…

August Mon 19

Emergent Topics (Host – Anita)

September Tues 17

EBTA Special – what’s hot in Florence? Reporter/leader Harvey or?

(Host – Penny)

October Weds 16

Emergent Topics (Host – Ali)

November Mon 18

SF Book Club. Book, paper or video to discuss (circulate links in advance). Selected and introduced by Guy, Kidge, or ??

(Host – Kidge/Janine or ?)

December Tues 17

Party special. (Host/facilitator Paul). Traditional SF games, refreshments and frolics.

Host will get meetings to run to time, include a round of introductions (‘Pleased to notice’), introduce the guest and topic (as appropriate).

Other topics to schedule or emerge:

SF as community action. Guy. The changing model - how do compliments fit? Is there room for topic knowledge in a SF model? Chris Iveson? Guest speakers – visitors with specialist topics Supervision for those who don’t get supervision. Live coaching Bring some research to discuss Open meetings to promote SF practice

This is a group for anyone interested in networking with other solution-focused practitioners. We're a mix of therapists, coaches, organisation consultants, trainers, counsellors and others who appreciate the SF approach in work and life. Our meetings sometimes have a topic chosen in advance, and sometimes the themes emerge from discussions during the session. A typical meeting might be: 6.00: drink buying/gossip 6.30: introductions with each participant describing something going well this month/week/day/hour! 7.00: Topic of session - facillitated discussion on topic or reflecting team on someone's issue or case 8.00 end/more drinks... We are the London branch of both UKASFP - http://www.ukasfp.co.uk/ and of SOLworld - http://www.solworld.org/ Whatever your level of SF experience, you'll be welcome to join our activities and discussions.

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